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Bluetooth radar provides the graphical display of receivers in the surrounding area.



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Bluetooth Radar

With the free program Bluetooth you recorded radar just all Bluetooth devices nearby. The software shows you a radar screen on which you can see the environment with the available equipment.

The Bluetooth radar shows you in a virtual map on the screen, where the next devices are tracked. With the radar screen, you get the feeling like in an airplane cockpit. The devices with which you are already connected, are displayed in the graphic. Compared to the Windows version of the Bluetooth indicator this program acts very spatially, so you can estimate the distance of the individual devices. In the settings you can choose how many devices in the Bluetooth radar is maximum appear.

The software you also shows next to the names of the different devices, what type of device is connected and what software is installed. Thus, you know just which files, for example, or from a cell phone can be sent. With Bluetooth you can select directly the appropriate files radar, which should be sent. The software then takes over the file transfer to the desired device. You should watch when sending the files, that the recipient is known and that the Bluetooth device to the receiver is ready. In addition to the actual software can you power Bluetooth radar also the Windows function for Bluetooth devices. A better search facility that enables you to other Bluetooth receivers.

In the first version of the Bluetooth radar formed a list of available Bluetooth devices. The idea was to represent graphically the reception. The software was developed by radar surface, making the program graphically appealing effect.

Description of the version: Bluetooth Radar

Radar consolidates the settings in a new window in the latest version of Bluetooth. Also the services installed on the receiver unit will be displayed. Now can you power Windows display for Bluetooth devices, to improve the search. The activated ObjektExchange is important when exchanging files. You can now check this function with the software. Remain all the features of the latest versions available, and you can see all the devices in a radar field.

The latest features in the Bluetooth radar 2.2

• Adjust the program in a new window
• Installed services on devices
• Check the ObjektExchange service
• Unlock the Windows function to
• Turn your Bluetooth device on or off

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