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With this application you can use Android apps on the PC.



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BlueStacks App Player

The BlueStacks app player plays "" the Android apps on your PC.

There are countless apps, which can be played on your mobile phone for Android. The Android platform has become more and more popular and the apps are playable all only on the phone. It doesn't have to be, because winds conjures up any application from the Androit store on the computer. Known programs like WhatsApp respawn instantly it on your PC. Also popular applications like fruit Ninja or EverNote can be use by BlueStacks app player easily on the computer played.

To note is that BlueStacks app player is still in its infancy. Some features of Android apps are not yet available. The control itself works just like on your mobile, the tip of the mouse replaces your finger here. Any app can be adapted to your screen size.

Description of the version: BlueStacks App Player

It is a beta version with some features of Android apps still not work. However, immensely excited the Android emulator, since many applications are easily available on the PC.

BlueStacks App Player bluestacks-app-player

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