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Blobby volley is a fun sports game for players of all ages with multiplayer mode.



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Blobby Volley

Whether in two or against the computer, blobby volley is always fun and is the ideal game for in between. With three levels of difficulty of the virtual opponent, the game remains exciting, no matter whether you're a beginner or a professional. Or challenge your friends and colleagues and play blobby volley against them on the same computer, or even over a network connection to different computers.

Blobby volley is a fascinating game that will make you instantly fun. The rules are as simple as in the famous Olympic model. Each player may touch the ball up three times in a row and must of course attempt to outmaneuver his opponents. Who's first 15 points, wins the blobby volley match. But beware! Experienced blobby volley players of course know that there is even a gang on the playing field. Thus, the game offers very many ways to push your players with specific angle shots to despair. Perfect, make mad the sports-crazy colleagues on its own territory.

Blobby volley perfectly suits summer, Sun and beach. And even if it even rains, the tropical background and the funny colorful rubber figures leave immediately real holiday feeling. And so you can have this feeling always, blobby volley on almost any computer. Windows, Linux, or even Apple, there is a matching version for each system. You need not to know you with computers, you need not to install it. Easy on your USB flash drive copy, click Start and go. And the best: blobby volley is of course free of charge! Simply click on the download button to start the download of blobby volley.

Here are the main points for blobby volley

• the perfect game for in between - whether alone or with a partner
the adjustable difficulty level makes • the game exciting, whether for beginners or professional players
• easy to learn but hard to master
• Network and Internet playable
• Installation not required (USB-stick enough)
• works on almost any computer


Published for the first time was in November 2000 by the programmers of Daniel Skoraszewsky and Silvio Mummert blobby volley, and was since then pause game popular in offices around the world. Much has changed in the course of time, the game has been repeatedly revised and adapted to the wishes of the player. The current version of Daniel Knobe and Jonathan Sieber has about different languages, improved network support and of course the best gameplay that ever blobby volley.

Description of the version: Blobby Volley

Blobby volley in the current version is a complete reworking of the original version and thus offers even more fun. This includes the complete source code in C++ has been rewritten, and many requests from users like you were in the new version with incorporated. The whole design of the game has become modern without sacrificing the original gameplay. Thus, the new version is a real improvement.

Features of the new version 2.0 of blobby volley

• Online volleyball game with 2 players
• New version programmed in C++
• Support for SDL / OpenGL
• Ease of use and new design

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