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Blast billiards 5 is a great Flash game which can be used with any operating system.



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  • Updated: 24.05.2011

Blast Billiards 5

MapleStory is a fun jump & run game in the style of Donkey Kong. You control your little hero through a kind of obstacle courses and will have to fight through you pro level from bottom to top. With your sword, you defeat your opponents and uses the tools, as well as cracks, overcome chasms and elevation changes. You have a time limit of two minutes, which can be quickly narrow especially in the higher levels per level. Also, the opponents are more resilient and can no longer defeat is a blow.

• Browser-based jump & run game
• Flash game as freeware
• For Win 98, me, XP and 2000
• Fight against opponent
• English interface
• Time limit for each level

Description of the version: Blast Billiards 5

With the latest version of the Flash blast billiards your tactic is now even more needed. Your points increase only if you comply with the prescribed time. You shoot not all bombs, you fall back to zero. In the next level, the degree of difficulty increases continuously and your sensitivity is required. On the improved surface, you will find information about your aim of the game and the current score. Also the high score is here and offers an incentive to crack them.

New features in version 5 of blast billiards

• 22 Levels with steadily increasing difficulty
• Revised and clear user interface
• Sink bombs within the time limit
• Light control with the mouse
• Overview of the score

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