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Black and white 2 demo - a game with moral background and flair for the fantastic



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Black and White 2 Demo

Demo represents the successor to black and white black and white 2. Also in the second part of the saga is the events of the world, and thus, the fate of the inhabitants, in your hands. But you're in black and white 2 demo not completely set on yourself, are two small Advisor: a devil that would entice you to chaos and mischief and an Angel, trying to talk to you, so you shall be a good ruler in the conscience. You choose 2 demo whose advice you beherzigst but ultimately, in black and white all alone.

The demo version, so black and white 2 demo, containing the third country in the full version, where you already can try much. Collecting experience in the Dorfaubau and the country extension. It is a significant development from black and white to black and white 2 demo. The people have lost their innocence and believe only in a God which they pay attention and obey. Also, more weapons and more sophisticated technologies in black and white are 2 demo available.

Your creature you choose black and white 2 demo as already in the first part at the beginning of the game, will be directed by you. Here's a selection of 7 creatures available, including Wolf, Lion, monkey and cow. Here you have a great responsibility, because it is also your responsibility to educate your creature. You can teach you tricks, educate them to your helpers, and practice their skills. Also you should not feed them, but with local villagers.

The loving and detailed design of the fantastic 3D world features black and white 2 demo. You feel very close with your creature and your villagers. Demo for the appropriate musical accompaniment is also taken care of, with black and white 2 so that it is guaranteed exciting to influence what is happening and to be directly involved in them.

• Also the demo version offers you many possibilities
• Fantastic staged world 3D
• More than just an adventure
• Beat you on a side of the force
• Get to know yourself and your inclinations
• Immerse yourself in a world where you're in charge

Background of black and white 2 demo
Lionhead have demonstrated demo, released in 2006, once again her skills and her love studios with black and white 2 for detail. This time they have is still Warcraft brought creator Ron Miller in the boat, to make the game an even greater success. Not only that you what is happening literally influenced demo as a player of black and white 2, the game appeals to your conscience and your morals.

Description of the version: Black and White 2 Demo

Also in the new version of the black and white you need to decide again saga between a benevolent or evil deity. The graphics of the new version has been completely revised and now appears a stunning 3D scenery. New miracle effects, such as for example the river of fire and an earthquake at the disposal are also friends. The new elements will bring you lots of fun and joy.

New items and features in the black and white Sage

• Revised new graphics with a stunning 3D scenery
• New wonder effects, such as for example the river of fire or a destructive earthquake
• Required operating system: Win2000/XP

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