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The BitComet FLV Converter is an effective solution to the conversion of videos from FLV.



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BitComet FLV Converter

In the Internet, many films in the Flash run video format by Adobe. With the BitComet FLV Converter, you can easily convert your own movies in this format and put it online. And the great thing about the BitComet FLV Converter is that it works vice versa as well. The software thereby divided into 2 areas that are to operate on the same interface and appear as single Tabseiten. The download of the program, you can start directly from our page, is it very fast, because the BitComet FLV Converter is installed not 15 MB in size. During the installation, you need to select only the language and installation directory, and the BitComet FLV Converter is ready for use immediately after installation.

After launching the BitComet FLV Converter presents you with an unspectacular but completely sufficient surface. In addition to the possibility to change the interface in Chinese, there is further no program-specific options. The first Tabseite within the main window of BitComet FLV Converter is called Video2FLV and serves for converting videos from other formats in the Flash video format FLV. Selecting a source file for conversion and tells the name of the destination file and the directory the BitComet FLV Converter, in which to save the file. In addition to the frame rate and the bit rate you can still specify the frame size, and settings for the audio qualities.

For converting FLV files to any other video format you uses BitComet FLV Converter module FLV2Video. In addition to source and destination file, you can enter here the output format. Here you can choose between AVI, MP4, WMV, and MP3. Otherwise, you can specify the same settings to frame and bit rate, and frame size and the audio settings as for the module Video2FLV of BitComet FLV Converter. With a push of the button convert then starts the conversion process.

Features of BitComet FLV Converter:

• Video Converter
• Converts FLV to other formats and vice versa
• Supports AVI, WMV, MP4, iPod, PSP, MOBILE
• Ease of use
• Freeware
• For Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Background information on the BitComet FLV Converter

The BitComet FLV Converter is a range of BitComet. BitComet is a BitTorrent/HTTP/FTP download management solution and the FLV Converter is one of the products, solution offered as a support for the use of BitTorrent. Because the conversion to the correct format makes it easier down - and upload.

Description of the version: BitComet FLV Converter

The BitComet FLV Converter is a small conversion tool, with which you can convert into the new version video files from FLV format to other video formats and also for iPod or PSP. FLV stands for Flash video and primarily is a format used for Internet transmissions. For a video stored locally with you, it can make sense, the format for playing with other players or to the upload on the net to convert.

Features of the latest version of BitComet FLV Converter

• Convert FLV (Flash video) into other formats
• New support for iPod, PSP and other mobile formats
• Conversion works in both directions.

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