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Bioshock - patch is one of the classics of the genre and is so quickly won't let you go.



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BioShock - Patch

Bioshock is a first-person shooter who missed a makeover of the genre. In addition to a safe hands for firearms are also tactical and moral considerations. Also Bioshock puts his players in a brand-new Art-Déco underwater world which was revised again with the Bioshock - patch.

In BioShock, nothing is as it seems. What begins as a harmless flight ends with a crash in the middle of the ocean. Before you know it, you find yourself in the incredible underwater world of the city ­Rapture and need to sit against mutant freaks, uncomfortably big Daddies and Little Sisters to the military. You decide what fate the city and you will find.

The plasmids, with which you can genetically alter your body and equipped with special powers are one of the peculiarities of Bioshock. With skill and tactical sense, the most passages of the game without a direct firefight can be overcome. But also with naked violence, you get to your destination. Three alternate endings await depending on after how reprehensible your decisions are made during the game. Graphically the whole game is based on his impressive and at the same time oppressive underwater world. Water is ubiquitous in the world of Bioshock and enchants with its diverse manifestations, teaches the player but also what are claustrophobia and primordial - Bioshock is definitely not a game for the faint hearted.

With the new Bioshock - patch, added new content and plasmids and undertaken various technical intricacies. Germany cut released Bioshock, which is why the owner of any such versions will need also a separate Bioshock - patch. The Bioshock - patch also allows you to increase the degree of difficulty by the disable of Vita-Chambers in addition.

Description of the version: BioShock - Patch

The Bioshock - patch 1.1 for the German cut version - which is otherwise conventional patch - optimizes and improves various graphic components of the game eliminates some errors in the game engine and adds new game content, such as for example the possibility to disable the Vita-Chambers, as well as new plasmids and. As a result, the gaming experience for the players is even scarier and more exciting. Simple, well-known passages of play suddenly become this way a new challenge.

The most important innovations of Bioshock - patch 1.1

• Various beauty corrections of the 3-D graphics
• Various bug fixes for the game engine
• Disable Vita-chambers allow now to increase the degree of difficulty the player even more
• Added new plasmids

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