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Biorhythm helps men and women to fulfill their desire and in the partnership.



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Biorhythm is really very easy to use. After opening the program, the user interface, which is very open, so that you immediately understand how everything works appears the same. See "Man" and "Woman", you and your partner or your partner can enter your birth data. You also select still from what date your Biorhythm is displayed.

After you have entered these details, comes the exciting part: your Biorhythm is parsed. In the area of "Fertility", the woman still enters how long your cycle is on average and when she had her period the last time. This is important so that the Biorhythm is displayed correctly. There are several bars of different colors, indicating when the woman has her period after their Biorhythm when ovulation takes place and on which days she is fertile. The pink and the blue curve, you can see when the chance for a boy or a girl is particularly high. If you a particular gender you wish for your child, you can plan accordingly with the help of biorhythms.

Also if you want to have children, the program for you could be interesting a. It on which days is ticking much and when you should go some distance might prefer shows too. The calculation to do so can be found in the area of 'Partnership'. Here, also colored curves indicate your Biorhythm. They stand for the mental, physical, spiritual, and fine mental Constitution of the two partners. So, you already know when you have to deal carefully with each other and can avoid some hassle. If one of you is completely physically fit and the other has just a weak day, it just shifts your jogging tour on an appointment on which better matches your Biorhythm. Biorhythm 1.02 there free of charge as a download. Simply click on the button to bring the program to your computer.

Functions of Biorhythm

fertile days of women calculate •.
• indicates whether there is a big chance a boy or girl.
• find out when you are on the same wavelength
• shows whether the internal clock needs just one day to rest.
• indicates on which days the efficiency is the highest.
• indicates when you need to bypass especially loving each other

Information about Hoffmann software & services

Biorhythm was developed by Hoffmann software & services company, which has its headquarters in Germany, more precisely in Eppendorf. Owner's engineer Jörg Hoffmann, who has developed some other programs in addition to Biorhythm, including an online chess software and a system computer.

Description of the version: Biorhythmus

The current version of Biorhythm offers you many great features to determine the sex of the child in your request in advance. The length of the cycle can you now choose and customize the program by your life. Also, couples can now compare their biorhythms and slightly better appreciate each other as a result. You can see inter alia, on the personal curves, on which days you're probably not so good on it.

The new features of Biorhythm in the version 1.02

• Better overview by optimized representation of curves
• Cycle length can be adapted to the individual rhythm
• Possible comparison of the curves for men and women

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