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Bing maps 3D is the most powerful card service on the Internet with numerous additional functions.



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Bing Maps 3D

With Bing maps 3D, the software company Microsoft provides you the perfect card service home. Bing maps 3D is an advanced Internet software which leaves nothing to be desired in terms of functionality. Bing maps 3D is here but much more than a computer program that replaces your city map. The map service consists of a set of subroutines, which let you find and organize local information.

You can explore many cities with street maps around the world. Bing maps 3D you striking points in the city shows, attractions, parks, hospitals, subway stations, restaurants, simply everything that you can imagine. Plan your next trip much more detail than you ever would have imagined you in 3D. Bing maps 3D supports many major cities. Use the Streetside feature to look at the cities in a 360-degree panoramic view. Or go with a bird's Eye View on a scenic flight.

Bing maps 3D uses no blurred maps on which you can see nothing. Bing maps 3D uses the latest, high-resolution satellite imagery and friends delivered the globe in razor-sharp images on your computer. You will be amazed by the level of detail. The maximum resolution is breathtaking 4.5 pixels per meter, which means that each pixel on your monitor is equivalent to 0.2 meters.

Other features of Bing maps 3D:

• Site details in 3D
• Driving instructions print
• Display of the traffic in many cities
• Draw on the card possible
• Integrated route planner
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The development of Bing maps 3D

Bing maps 3D is based on some previous programs that are very long in the market. These include the programs Microsoft MapPoint and TerraServer. MapPoint saw the light of the software world in the year 2000 and TerraServer launched in 1997. Thus, it is apparent that Bing maps 3D is a sophisticated software that can look back on a long tradition. The software was briefly part of Microsoft's Live Search Maps, before it was finally renamed in 2009 in Bing maps 3D. Was renamed due to the 2006 added functionality to display the map in 3D. Of course, the first part of the name comes from the eponymous search engine of the software giant. The program is constantly developed and expanded with additional options.

Description of the version: Bing Maps 3D

The current version of Bing maps 3D software can come up with many useful and impressive innovations. Improved and hochauflösendere satellite and aerial imagery can convince you now even more. With an integrated online card service it is now possible to admire 3D models of cities of many hundreds. You have now the possibility to rotate the views continuously, tilt or also optimized to zoom.

The most important innovations in the current version of Bing maps 3D

• hochauflösendere display of 3D models
•built-in detail view of aerial and satellite images
• Views can continuously rotated, zoomed or tipped
• Thanks to the integration of the user are possible more detailed views

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