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BillardGL is to recommend the graphical implementation allows a real-looking game situation.



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BillardGL you find a freeware that you almost in a real pool Salon offset. You can compete against another other player or just a round of billiards. Here you have the opportunity to decide between the two versions of the game with eight or nine bullets. BillardGL runs in the German language, the fascination will draw pool very quickly you captivated, and entertaining hours on the local computer are virtually certain. In addition you can download a language pack but, allowing that the BillardGL in eleven languages available stake.

If you have installed BillardGL and start for the first time, good graphic design will certainly fall just friends in the eye. This allows an almost real-looking atmosphere, as if you'd stop you in a billiard room. It dispensed with the freeware BillardGL totally on sound, what will be already somewhat in need of habit for the first time for you. The control will be unusual for you at the first moment, but after a few minutes of the game you will be used to it already.

If you played the first few times the freeware BillardGL, you will notice that BillardGL is a very realistic billiards simulation. In an extra to that tutorial, you get the opportunity offered once to learn the correct techniques and consolidate. You sure got this can begin the adventure pool game against other players. Because it is BillardGL a billiards game, when there are several players on the ball, it goes for you once colour to sort the billiard balls. You must always try that white is the colored balls with one on the pool table to meet the ball. The main goal of any billiard game is to sink the colored balls into the six holes on the pool table.

How it works

• puts you in a billiard room
• against one or more opponents
• 2 Game variants
• good graphic design
• hours of gameplay
• runs on all programs

What requirements do you need?

The game BillardGL is only 791,8 kilobytes in size, so you can certainly still easily save that on your computer's hard drive. If you have installed Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista as the operating system on your computer, runs the game BillardGL on all cases without any problems. BillardGL also runs Linux and Mac OS X operating systems, you have to download these versions only from the home page of the manufacturer of BillardGL.

Description of the version: BillardGL

BillardGL 1.75 is a 3D-Billard-Simulator which is programmed in their spare time and regularly improved by some students. If you want to play billiards on the computer, this program is right for you. The current version is available for MacOS. The developers are also working regularly on the improvement of the program code. There is so far no external changes to the earlier versions.

The most important information about BillardGL 1.75

• BillardGL is a spare time project.
• For the first time on MacOS available.
• Improvement of program code from the ground up.
• Exterior only a few changes compared to previous versions.
• Expansion of functions in planning.

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