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If you want to share your photos, images or graphics digital, the software image protection is free a useful instrument to protect your images from external access. This software will take free space on your hard drive after downloading image protection. The software image protection is done in German language free and the software is easy. With the image protection, you have the opportunity to provide a digital stamp as well as a copy protection your images and graphics free. In the jargon, the copy protection is also called copyright.

With the software image protector you can tag your photos with a watermark free. This digital watermark can be filled with a multiline text, a logo or a graphic. Your created watermark appears then transparently free in the protected picture or photo of the software image protection. Depending on the request you can write your digital copyright invisible or visible in JPEG files. An IPTC compatibility is free in the software image protection. , As for example GIF, JPG, TIF, BMP, etc. you can give your personal copyright common file types with the image protection.

With the automatic Thumbnailerstellung of image protection, you can freely scale free your photos, images and graphics. A batch image protection is also possible free. You can convert automatically or manually your copyright free with batch mode in the image protection to other graphic formats. Do you want to insert a text in your watermark, unlimited stand sign colors, fonts and font sizes available. The watermark transparency is adjustable. At any time, you can save it and download again.

Overview of the features free software image protection

• Creation of a digital stamp images
• Processing of all common graphics formats
• Automatic Thumbnailerstellung
• Automatic creation of watermark
• Manual or automatic conversion into other graphic formats
• Watermark copy protection

The software manufacturer

The software image protection free was developed by the company K-lab Development Ltd. headquartered in Pößneck. Various software, how to for example on the subject of K-lab Development Ltd. image protection or even household book, balance sheet analysis, etc. sold and can be loaded on the own homepage.

Description of the version: Bildschutz

The current version of the software of image protection offers you some useful new features to protect of your images. The revised and intuitive user interface helps you implement watermark and personal comments in the image files to be protected. You can vary and adjust the watermark now also in its transparency. You also have the opportunity to explore your images with thumbnails from a list on the Internet.

The most important innovations of the current version of image protection.

• Setting the transparency of the watermark
• Improved user interface with more user comfort
• Make thumbnails of image files
• Advanced options for inserting comments

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