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The screen saver-ADAC air rescue 3D shows the virtual use of the rescue helicopter.



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Bildschirmschoner ADAC Luftrettung 3D

The General German automobile's Club (ADAC) not only with its roadside assistance vehicles on the streets of Germany. He has an own helicopter squadron with the name of Christoph; Thus, the ADAC save many people who are in a life-threatening situation every day. With the screen saver-ADAC air rescue 3D you can get you the fascinating helicopter type EC-135 in your local residential or work rooms. The free screen saver-ADAC air rescue 3D shows you the "Yellow Angel" mentioned helicopters in his virtual appearance on the screen. For all lovers of the helicopter, the screen saver-ADAC air rescue 3D is certainly a true eye-catcher.

The screen saver-ADAC air rescue 3D offers seven different camera settings. With a loud noise of the rotor, that is deceptively similar to the original, the EC 135 flies rapidly in the screen saver-ADAC air rescue 3D three-dimensional built landscapes. Screen saver ADAC Luftrettung 3D, you need a license to acquire; This is a free download available. Here you can experience on the screen, as the pilots of the ADAC helicopter squadron trained flight skills use every day, to save human lives in danger.

Download the screensaver-ADAC air rescue 3D on this page quite simple and straightforward. Click on the appropriate download button and the screen saver-ADAC air rescue 3D will delight you every day on your computer screen. Watch how he accomplishes EC-135 three-dimensional virtual rescue.

Features of the screen saver-ADAC air rescue 3D

• Real rotor noise
• EC-135 helicopter model
• Helicopter squadron Christoph
• Three-dimensional landscapes
• Seven camera settings
• Virtual rescue mission

Technical requirements of your home computer

You can use the screen saver-ADAC air rescue 3D fully, you need a minimum 800 MHz processor. The memory should be 128 MB RAM. The screen saver-ADAC air rescue 3D correctly to prevent the validity, a graphics card with 32 MB is connected with DirectX 8.1 or later makes sense. As the operating system it is recommended that Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP to have available. As a free video memory 32 MB must be kept ready. The file size of the screen saver-ADAC air rescue 3D is 3.8 MB.

Description of the version: Bildschirmschoner ADAC Luftrettung 3D

The screen saver of the ADAC shows of the ADAC air rescue in action. In a 3D animation flies the helicopter of the air rescue Squadron Christopher through virtual landscapes. You get 7 different camera perspectives offered, so that you can observe in detail the rescue flight. More realistic is the represented rescue flight of the machine type EC-135 by the well-established rotor noise of the helicopter. This free offer is an exciting alternative to ordinary screensavers.

That gives you the screen saver ADAC air rescue

Rescue flight as an alternative to the standard screen savers more exciting •
• Watch the ADAC helicopter EC 135 from all perspectives
• Animated landscape for a realistic impression
• Free of charge

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Screenshots: Bildschirmschoner ADAC Luftrettung 3D

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