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The screen saver 50 years Lufthansa, free and easy to download.



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Bildschirmschoner 50 Jahre Lufthansa

Get a piece of history on the computer with the screen saver with a few clicks of the mouse 50 years of Lufthansa. He offers you great snapshots of the highest quality. The operation of the screen saver 50 years Lufthansa downloads completes very simply and in a few seconds. Get it now and give your desktop a dynamic wallpaper of German aviation.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of German aviation, the airline Lufthansa provides the screen saver 50 years Lufthansa online. Of course free of charge! Convince yourself of it that the screen saver 50 years Lufthansa has a fabulous function and appearance. Experience German aviation history in just a few seconds every detail and close to your computer. Discover the passage of time in the German air traffic with the screen saver 50 years of Lufthansa. No longer looking for the right motive. With these images, the choice is easy friends! Historical impressions waiting to be discovered, and so, the Convair 340 is only called a motive.

If you decide to download the screen saver 50 years to Lufthansa, start the download with the purpose "Download" button. 50 Years Lufthansa via menu will take you to the final download of the screensaver. The screen saver 50 years Lufthansa with following operating systems easily download: Win95/98/98SE/me/2000/NT/XP/2003. Then you have the screen saver 50 years Lufthansa in a few seconds on your PC.

Screen saver 50 years Lufthansa

• Pictures of 50 years of German aviation history.
• Is the download free and very easy to handle.
• Give your desktop a dynamic image of the flyer.
• Downloaded in a few seconds
• Convinced in function and design.
• Re-establishment of Lufthansa.

History of Lufthansa

The airline Lufthansa established already in the twenties of the last century in international aviation. But by the second world war the Öffentlichkeitsbeförderug succumbs to almost completely in favor of the war. Lufthansa is in the service of the Luftwaffe. Directly after the war, the Lufthansa tries first Wiedertablierungsversuche, but this does not succeed until the 1950s. Only through the cold war, reconstruction and the economic miracle, also the air traffic boomed again. The Lufthansa of the post-war era is heralded with a flight from Hamburg to Munich. On this occasion, the Lufthansa provides the screen saver 50 years Lufthansa for you on the net. Unique images waiting Lufthansa, with the screen saver 50 years.

Description of the version: Bildschirmschoner 50 Jahre Lufthansa

1955 Lufthansa revive woke up, and you get an overview of the varied history of the well-known company with the current screen saver 50 years of Lufthansa. You can find a variety of images of Lufthansa machine flown in the past few years, and that both internal and external. Therefore, the screen saver not only for fans and customers of Lufthansa is interesting, but for anyone interested in aviation.

Information about the screen saver 50 years Lufthansa

• Historical motifs of engines
• Recorded the aircraft from inside and outside
• Complete overview of 50 years Lufthansa history

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