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Bid-O-Matic is a free offer program which helps you to control your eBay auctions.



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  • Updated: 28.02.2011


Bid-O-Matic is a free program that can be inserted as a bidding agent for eBay auctions or other auction houses. You can enter a desired price and bid-O-Matic offers automatically to this price. You have to sit at this time not all the time on your computer and can pursue other employment.

Control you can bid-O-Matic conveniently by E-Mail and on request, the bidding program selects even independently on the Internet a. If you're using Firefox as your Web browser, there is the adequate software to bid-O-Matic with the version Biet-O-Zilla, so that the application to your Web browser can be optimized. This bid-O-Matic offers you a variety of useful features that will significantly improve the previous versions of bid O-Matic. You can block for example Sofortkaufartikel with bid-O-Matic as well as articles from already completed auctions. Also, you can forgive a personal password for the E-Mail control of this program completely exclude the unauthorized use by third parties. Bid-O-Matic represents you in a very clear table of the history of individual auctions. Expired auctions are indicated in red. Also Sofortkaufauktionen are colour coded for convenience. The overview, so created bid-O-Matic is so instantly manageable at a glance. You specify the bid matching for you, everything else takes over this automatic bidding agent and logs in auction history.

Bid-O-Matic available here as freeware for you to download. To install the program on your computer, you must click on the button "Download" and follow the instructions in the installation wizard. In a few minutes you can monitor your first eBay auctions with your new automatic bidding.

Operation and functions of the bid-O-Matic

• automatic tracking of auction on eBay
• Control of multiple auctions at once possible
• Program control by email
• on request independent dialling into the Internet
• clear presentation of all auctions in a table
• free download

System requirements and download

Bid-O-Matic is suitable for use with the Windows operating systems, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The software will communicate with Internet Explorer as your Web browser. There is a software variant available for Firefox users. The download file size is 4 megabytes.

Description of the version: Biet-O-Matic

Don't never again miss an interesting offer on eBay with the new version of the bid-O-Matic. New: The bid-O-Matic also by mail can with his own user name on and turn off. Also finished articles and immediately buy offerings can also be blocked. Any good article can now be classified into different groups and so still easier to manage. The conversion of all currencies in euro is possible by default.

The features of the new bid O-Matic at a glance:

• now complete delete irrelevant article possible
• Currency in euro
• now with remote control software by mail
• block certain groups of articles
• Input of the offers by the article number

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