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BgInfo allows one to find quickly in a new work environment.



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If you belong to the computer users who frequently need to change their jobs and thus also the Windows desktop environment, you can orient yourself faster using BgInfo in the new environment.

If you're working much and intense with your Windows operating system, you are instructed that a number of important information be provided you, concerning the execution of the system. With BgInfo, you now have the possibility to gather all of this essential information in one place and show in a practical way. So BgInfo helps you to improve your work processes and more comfortable to deal with your Windows.

Diverse information that BgInfo can collect for you, include information on the current IP address of your computer, the presence and status of Internet access, the still available free space on the hard disk and much more. BgInfo is especially useful if you're much in the Internet and care therefore a lively exchange of data. So you can show friends on the desktop, as you previously down loaded many megabytes in your session and also to what extent data from your computer to the Internet have been uploaded. Also interesting is the display, which user is logged on at the computer and which Service Pack on the computer is currently installed. Even when frequently changing jobs, you never lose track.

The developers of BgInfo
The useful information tool BgInfo is provided completely free you from the developers. Bryce Cogswell, who created one of the Windows tools that are particularly popular in the community with BgInfo, is responsible for the programming.

Description of the version: BgInfo

The new version 4.16 BGInfo now offers you an even clearer representation of all relevant data from a system. Certainly the most important innovation is that BgInfo can work well on very obvious manner with modern 64-bit operating systems. BgInfo is able to access the entries in the registry of also these operating systems and to read out their important data. So, it is possible to work on a still wider range of systems for you.

BgInfo supports 64-bit operating systems

• It supports now also operating systems that are based on a 64-bit architecture
• Registry of 64-bit systems can be read out
• Support for multiple monitors

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