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  • Windows 2.10

With the evaluation Manager, you can create simply testimonials, reviews, etc.



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  • Updated: 24.10.2013


The evaluation Manager interface is really simple and with the user manual guarantee no questions remain open. So that you can correctly use the assessment Manager, you should enter the data of your employee, interns, students, etc. If you saw this preparation, you can continue with the other functions. Although the assessment Manager contains different collections of text module, you can create databases with personal and own collections. If you have a version of Windows, the database files are stored by evaluation Manager in the application data directory. You can at any time to populate your database with data and with the functions sort, edit, delete, duplicate and Add.

When you create a certificate or an assessment, you have the possibility to select different formulated criteria drag-and drop in the assessment Manager. The assessment criteria consist of five classifications, similar to the school grades one to five. From this assessment, the evaluation Manager will formulate a comprehensive text-based. Of course, personal changes of the text are possible at any time. As well, a spell checker is integrated into the assessment Manager. The evaluation Manager automatically calculates a final grade and personalized assessment. The evaluation Manager hits you while an endnote that you must not take over but this. You have also the option to create your own templates and to provide them with your corporate identity in the assessment Manager.

You can download free the assessment Manager as the shareware version on our pages, by clicking on the download button. However, this version is usable only 28 days. After 28 days, you will have the opportunity to acquire a use license.

Assessment Manager features:

• Put in blocks
• Manual text modifications
• Creation of databases
• Spelling checker
• Automatic calculation of a grace note
• Manual or automatic data backup

Information about the software developers

Already since 1995, the software developer Mathias Gerlach and Jochen milk bag develop application software for private and corporate clients. Under the name they distribute their software solutions. Both software developers are members of the Association of save, as well as at the eBay developer's program.

Description of the version: Beurteilungsmanager

The new version of the evaluation Manager lets you create easily and quickly work certificates for your students or your staff. The new and very well thought-out user interface helps you. Optionally you can now save your text documents in RTF format. In addition, a revised manual available suits you. Many new templates and common standard rates also help with creating work certificates in technical jargon.

Innovations of the current version of the evaluation Manager

• Many new templates
• Revised and well thought-out user interface
• Revised help and a guide in PDF format
• Text documents in RTF format and store them
• Required operating system for this version: Win 9 x, Win ME, NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Windows 7

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