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BetterPrivacy is able to safely remove stubborn LSOs from the cache.



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BetterPrivacy is another interesting add-on for your Firefox browser. If you no longer collected and from ausgespäht want to see your data in cookies, should you download this software.

If you're much in the Internet, visiting websites, play online games and do purchases, you did you certainly already thinking about the protection of your privacy. As more and more Web site operators install secretly on your system cookies, small files that stores your user data. If you do not agree to and you want to protect against spying attempts BetterPrivacy is just the right software for you.

BetterPrivacy is a useful tool for your Firefox browser to protect you effectively from unloved cookies or LSOs in future. This local shared objects are especially long-lasting cookies after a browsing session no longer be deleted from your system and may collect information about you such a long time. Close this security gap today with BetterPrivacy. The installation by BetterPrivacy can be made directly in the browser and is especially easy. Simply click on "Tools" and then on "Extensions" and start the software download. The program offers a fully automatic installation routine and then begins in the background with intercepting the damaged cookies.

The developers of BetterPrivacy
BetterPrivacy is one of many Firefox Add-ons, which are provided by free developers from the community. The author NettiCat has made an important contribution to the further development of the Firefox browser so taking a bigger distribution since 2002 among Internet users.

Description of the version: BetterPrivacy

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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