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A program with which you can slow down songs and adjust the pitch.

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Adjusts your songs in the pitch.

You want to sing a song on a CD or play a guitar solo, for example? Can you benefit from the open-source tool best practice and facilitate the task. This practice help is free of charge.

With the tool BestPractice, you change the playback speed and pitch of a piece of music in real time. While the parameters adjusted so that they do not affect the other characteristics of the sound. The files to be processed can come from a CD or as WAV or MP3 files. The speed can be reduced to one-fifth of the original version with BestPractice or increased twofold.

After starting you can adjust the speed so, that it has no influence on the pitch and vice versa. How the speed can change the pitch, you can remind you, if you play a disc with 33 RPM to 45 rpm. You want to hear so a guitar solo slower, easier to make the tones at the games after, so this is no difficulty with the best practice tool. Or you want to sing a song, which is friends but only at a pitch, that you can not sing, then you transponierst the song in the pitch you want with best practice. You can also the song in the pitch adjust to your instrument and not the other way around, as is otherwise common. Also if you want to write down the lyrics of a song - possibly a foreign piece - slowing can be very helpful. Particularly difficult passages can you loop even in an infinite loop. Sometimes it's fun, to gather new impressions with the speed at a particular artist friends perhaps. If you're looking for so a free exercise helpers, then you're right completely with this download.

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