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Bernie's photo program is a comprehensive photo dictionary to learn important terms of the photo.



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Bernie's Foto-Programm

Bernie's photo program 3.2.1 is the ideal program, which you can use to learn the essence of photography on your own computer. All important technical terms can you look at Bernie's photo program and taught are friends so the basic facts about the photo art. Bernie's photo program 3.2.1 offers you not only 500 terms for reference, but also several basic bills, you should be as a hobby photographer. The program with the built-in calculators to calculate all the angles and other parameters help you. First, you errechnest your individual depth of field for any kind of photo with the built-in function in Bernie's photo program. So, you will learn using the stored calculation to set the correct focus in every situation. Thus Bernie's photo program teaches even you, on what it is to make sure that in the wild you should determine the main factors themselves.

Also, the angle can be calculated in Bernie's photo program 3.2.1. This can help you to get a good picture of the different layers. With the dpi calculator find out especially the quality of later prints, which is important especially in digital photography. In subsequent steps, you will learn in Bernie's photo program 3.2.1, as you freeze motion in the image as you calculate the correct blur in the background of the photos and much more. Of course also the exposure must be set to match. Finally, Bernie's photo program includes important tips for the color temperature and what is to be observed during image projection. The photo dictionary is the ideal tool to learn the photographic craft so to give important information for all kinds of situations the hobby photographer.

You can download here Bernie's photo program 3.2.1 for free with us. You can by clicking on the download button to start downloading.

The most important functions in Bernie's photo program 3.2.1:

• Look up over 500 terms.
• Learn about photography.
• Calculate depth of field and angle of view.
• Use dpi-and blur circle calculator.
• Look up the appropriate exposure.
• Learn how you freeze movements.

The development history of Bernie's photo program 3.2.1:

Bernie's photo program photo lexicon has been programmed by the private developer Bernie Butterfish and funded by sponsors. The lexicon is located in the version 3.2.1 on the cutting edge and is constantly adapted to the current needs. In the latest edition, dialogs have been changed and so easier.

Description of the version: Bernie's Foto-Programm

Bernie's photo program offers you many advantages: the new version of the illustrated dictionary of photography has been revised and includes more than 500 tags. You can find information on digital and traditional photography, its history and photo technology in the advanced reference book, and you can perform important calculations. In addition, the file dialogs in the software have been standardized. Bernies's photo program in the current version 3.2.1 can be downloaded as a ZIP file.

The most important thing to Bernie's photo program:

• Content revised and extended version
• Standardized file dialogs
• Faster download of the program as a ZIP file
• Easy installation on the PC

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