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The PDF document gasoline E10: vehicle list of compatibility is an ideal aid.



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Benzin E10: KFZ-Liste der Verträglichkeit

The new fuel E10 was introduced in the spring of 2011 at the petrol stations. Since then the discussion about bio gasoline does not tear. The drivers are uncertain whether the car can withstand this fuel. The PDF document gasoline E10: vehicle list of compatibility is a tool for the decision.

If you as a driver of a passenger car or motorcycle environment want to refuel, but are confused by the many negative reports, whether your car can withstand this fuel, then the help gasoline E10: vehicle list of compatibility. Here you will find clearly represented, the fuel is suitable for which vehicles. The document gasoline E10: vehicle compatibility list answers all your questions about the new fuel.

After downloading you need to extract only the PDF file and off you go. On the first page of the gasoline E10: You find everything worth knowing about the bio-fuel vehicle list of compatibility. The composition shows short and brief you with all facts. Also, you can learn what the number 10 behind the E. It indicates the ethanol content. It is bio-ethanol, which is a so-called bio-fuel.

As you certainly know, the climate and the economical use of the global oil reserves are cause for the introduction of this special petrol. However you should fuel only this, if your vehicle can also withstand this fuel. Otherwise you can damage your vehicle permanently "refuel wrong" the first time. The gasoline E10: Vehicle list of compatibility helps you to protect your vehicle from damage. In addition to these important preliminary information you will find clearly displayed the information on compatibility then on 23 pages, for each type of vehicle. Part you will find right to be able to assign even the vehicle identification number, your vehicle. Another plus of the gasoline E10: vehicle list of compatibility is getting right supplied the service numbers of customer service of each car type. You're still undecided, so after reading the list then you can ask there by phone.

Description of the version: Benzin E10: KFZ-Liste der Verträglichkeit

The list has trust, short DAT called the German automobile, developed and made available as freeware. Among the car brands also the vehicles are listed you, who do not like the new fuel. If you are still unsure, you can ask at the specified service phone numbers and get expert help. The reference to current, further links is also new. The current version is State-01 March 2011 and is constantly updated.

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• Software type: Freeware
• PDF document that must be extracted
• List is constantly updated by DAT
• Language: German

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