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Bengal game of gods is a strategy shooter that motivated over the long term.



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Bengal - Spiel der Götter

The balls pour out of a corner of the room. You have to try to stop the ball series with "Andy" before you fall into the mouth of the monkey. You can do that by controlling "Andy" in "Bengal game of gods". Show him the direction in which he should fire the ball, and let the balls disappear – put together just three balls with the same color. You can't do it, you've lost the "Bengal game of gods". But fear not, "Andy" receives support through the "Golden Monkey". He hides on the other side of the chain. If you shoot through the gap and meet the "Golden Monkey", you get exploding bullets, multi-balls and other extras. You can make life easier in "Bengal game of gods" to some friends.

"Bengal game of gods" has absolute addiction potential and suitable not only to play for five minutes. The varied levels and the increasingly difficult tasks increase the challenge - and the desire to reach the next Temple. Through the constantly changing processes of balls, it will never get bored. You run backwards, explode, move time-delayed. And the numerous bonuses "Bengal game of gods" will reward you for your perseverance. "Bengal game of gods" is a game where you will have fun for a long time.

"Bengal game of gods" is a strategy shooter who trains your skill. Also the speed of the game increases the accelerating ball chain. The addiction factor is particularly large for "Bengal game of gods". It is based on well-known games, without having to copy them. Many small features, such as for example the bonus system, differs from the other games "Bengal game of gods" and completes the game concept.

Facts about "Bengal game of gods"

• Different game worlds
• Increasing difficulty
• Various bonus features
• Long-lasting fun
• Known gameplay with new features
• Lovingly animated game world

Tried and tested in a new guise

"Bengal game of gods" is there for several years. The game worlds and characters are animated with much effort and attention to detail. The gameplay has been improved, not sure but sensible. On the local PC, it ensures fun and long entertainment. The player community is unanimous in this game: varied, long-lasting fun and always new challenges await the gamer. Get also 'Bengal game of gods", and convince yourself of the game.

Description of the version: Bengal - Spiel der Götter

Bengal - game of gods is a fun game of skill that will grab you. You must try to place that at least 3 same colored balls in a row and out of the series in a long series of colored balls your colored balls. The series while continuously moving toward a target and may not accomplish this. Bonus balls to help you in your task, which is always harder and faster.

Description of Bengal - game of gods

• Skill game with mobile aim
• Manage a group of same-colored balls in a row
• Bonus balls with special functions
• Same balls disappear from the series

spiel Bengal-Spiel der Götter spiel der götter bengal--spiel-der-gtter bengal-spiel-der-gotter bengal-spiel-der-goetter

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