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Beneath a Steel Sky is an adventure at oppressive style by George Orwells in 1984.



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Beneath a Steel Sky

Help the hero Robert Foster beneath a Steel Sky, to find his father. The free point- and -click adventure is in the comic style and an oppressive atmosphere, yet underscored by the music.

As the main character of beneath a Steel Sky, you are looking for your missing father as Robert Foster. About the point- and -click actions are you trying to get information on his whereabouts, but completely on you're own, because you kindness as an enemy of the system. Although you have a droid on your side, but this is usually unhelpful and loosens up a little only the atmosphere by his comments. So you feel not quite so alone at least in beneath a Steel Sky and leave.

Comic style around a futuristic city conveys an oppressive atmosphere which exacerbate the makers of the game through the targeted use of the music in the colouring. The game is controlled with the mouse, where the left mouse button for the direction of the player is responsible and the right is used to click on objects. This remains an inventory available in which you can store items.

You must move away from varied parts of the futuristic city and solve all puzzles at the end of the game to find out who you really are and where you come from. Beneath a Steel Sky is more a thought for an action game and requires your full attention and intelligence to solve the various puzzles. The game, which is 95 available as freeware for Windows from win to be able to play, you need the free available modulator ScummVM runs done with the program on current Windows platforms. The version offered here features a narrator.

Description of the version: Beneath a Steel Sky

The adventure beneath a Steel Sky is now available as a free freeware and requires the free emulator ScummVM for the executability on Windows. The point available in English & click adventure takes you in a futuristic city in the style of a world of George Orwells in 1984. With the help of a Druid accompanying you to solve a variety of puzzles, learn more about yourself and your past out. Target your mission is to find your missing father.

Features of beneath a Steel Sky in the current version

• Point & click adventure game
• Freeware with English language edition
• Requires the free ScummMV emulator
• Available for Windows version Windows 95

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