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Beetle ju 3 - a colorful adventure for young and old, that requires skill



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Beetle Ju 3

The little beetle is returned. Is also in beetle ju 3 life of our hero full of turbulence, which is to deal with it. The quiet life of first over and make way again for an adventure. Beetle ju 3 your skill is required, which you now have to demonstrate.

Slip into the role of the beetle ju and escape your lazy everyday life. Usually you're somewhat lazy beetle but beetle ju 3 involves your family, so you get to you after long discussion with your wife in your most comfortable chair and make yourself looking after your larvae.

In over 40 levels, you've got the little guy in beetle ju 3 through underground labyrinths such as cheese or ice blocks, where each level represents a different challenge. Level to successfully, you have to collect your protégés in beetle ju 3 and bring them to the output. While you encounters various obstacles, which you push away, eliminate targeted explosions or by which you you just can't dig through. You can trigger explosions, it is necessary to collect weapons. The levels are also numerous treasures like diamonds and hidden Valley, which give you extra points. Except for the items that hinder your path to your children, 3 annoying opponents like about aggressive fly swatters, who want evil to you encounter in beetle ju.

The graphic design of beetle ju 3 is very affectionate and stimulates a smile. About the game across a small story, which draws attention on the various weapons and hazards and demonstrates amusing way slow dad beetles usually is. The musical background of beetle ju 3 makes good mood and will accompany you through the game. Using the mouse or the keyboard to easily control your little hero through the exciting levels of beetle ju 3.

• Fun for the whole family
• Test the game for free 60min
• A colorful and amusing game world awaits you
• 40 challenging levels, which applies to defeat it
• A story to smile and with fevers
• Crack the high score list

Beetle ju 3 background information
The Intenium GmbH with beetle ju 3 has a very amusing and colorful platformer n' run game designed for the whole family. The improved graphics, the story and the tricky levels make beetle ju gelungenen 3 an and spielendem adventure that is easy to use for everyone.

Description of the version: Beetle Ju 3

Just like the previous version, you play a work-rotten beetle that has to collect stray children at beetle ju. Of course you have to in this jump-´ fight n ´ run game against enemies and various traps. The graphic has been improved in the new version, and you're running through many mazes, which very closely resemble the comic book style. If you can collect the beetles young completely in this version, you will reach the next level.

Overview of the features of beetle ju

• Numerous labyrinth in comic-style
• Next level can be reached through the collection of entire beetle scientists
• New enemies and traps
• Required operating system for this version: Win98/98SE/me/2000/XP

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