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BayWatcher Pro is for eBay bargain hunters essential and for home users free of charge.



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BayWatcher Pro

The search can be very time consuming when auctions according to the appropriate article for the right price. Unless you are using BayWatcher Pro, because with this tool, you can find all matching and can see the price history.

Often, the same or similar items are offered on eBay. As a prospective buyer but also to find them, the seller must first make correct information and the classification in the right category. And then the search begins for you as a prospective buyer, because mostly looking in specific categories, and if the article is not to be found there, you had bad luck.

BayWatcher Pro can help here. The tool available for private customers undertakes a variety of tasks involving the search and buying on eBay for you be successful. After entering your criteria for a specific article BayWatcher Pro start looking, and not only on the eBay platform in your country, but also on eBay in Austria, the Switzerland or in other countries. The tool that is actually more a complete tool box, has an analysis function, which lets you watch the found articles and read also the price trend. Often offered on eBay by interested parties on an article, there is cheaper from another seller. But you don't know anything about this other article, then you may have bad luck and pays too much. As BayWatcher Pro user, you can watch all the articles at the same time and know whether the offer is worth or you prefer waiting in another article, because it is cheaper.

The software executable under Windows version from Windows 95 is easy to install and has a German interface. The operation is simple and easy to understand, and who uses BayWatcher Pro, can be be sure to achieve always the best price on eBay.

Description of the version: BayWatcher Pro

If you often ersteigerst something on eBay, you should use BayWatcher Pro. A variety of new features introduced with the latest version, alone the search is 500 percent with the last major release approximately faster than in the previous version. In the latest minor release storage corrected United States from searches for eBay UK and eBay, so they are now correctly stored. Since the last major release, also storing templates without search terms, for example, to search on categories is new to come.

Features in the current release of BayWatcher Pro

• Pro version available
• Proper storage of search templates with platform and
• Search templates without search terms can be stored
• Increased performance by 500%
• Direct call of the eBay article pages
• Available from Windows 95

BayWatcher Pro baywatcher-pro

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