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The BayHunter is a useful search tool for products available for auction by eBay.



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Many Internet applications come with of free programs on the desktop, including now the online auction site eBay is one. With the BayHunter you can use also worthwhile supporting functions.

If you use eBay often, then you can access also freeware programs, which greatly simplify friends browsing for bargains. The BayHunter is a desktop application, with which you can conveniently use all functions of the online auction house without opening the browser window, also the freeware yet more features. You simply enter the desired article in the search mask and can the filter set so that the desired results will appear. For example, you can sort products after their purchase price or product category and filter. It is also possible to sort offers by their State. Thus, also DIY enthusiasts will find again cheap challenges from all over the world.

The typo search is an important function which the BayHunter extends the familiar settings of the online auctioneer eBay. Many providers of auction products make typos or misspellings in the name of the product for the marketplace. Incorrectly designated products are rarely about the usual search user, therefore using the typo search you can find rarely recognized bargains popping up every now and then. In addition to the free version, there is also a full version of BayHunter, which you can find directly on the website of the software company. This offers even more features than the available downloadable freeware, but the free version offers a useful search tool for eBay fans. If you fahndest regularly for bargains, the BayHunter for you is a must!

Description of the version: BayHunter

In the latest version of the BayHunter 4.20 some improvements and modifications made, so that you can find more deals of the auction house eBay. Among other things, there is now a new search criterion, with which you can search offers a price proposal. You can copy now the result list from the Clipboard and sort results by the State of the article. In addition to other enhancements, errors and bugs of the previous versions have been removed so that the program structure runs smoother and safer.

The most important innovations of BayHunter in the version 4.20

Offers you can now sort • after item condition
• Search criterion "Price proposal" has been added to
• Removed errors and bugs of previous versions
• Copy of the list of results as a file possible

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