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Thrilling stories, compelling fights: BattleForge is real time strategy at its finest.



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Free browser games and paid online games flood the Internet nowadays. Since it is not easy for players to keep track, or for game developers from the crowd to stand out. But now BattleForge preparing strongly times in between to get and to bring order to the chaos.

You've got a soft spot for trading cards? You're into strategy games? You're like colossal creatures or teeming armies in epic battles? You have an eye for impressive graphics and an ear for massive sound? Then BattleForge is certainly the right thing for you. The newcomer combines the strengths of free browser games and impressive gameplay in itself and eliminates the weaknesses of consistently.

The history
The world of Nyn is threatened by the evil Urkräften. The gods are gone in the time of greatest danger and so the Prince of Heaven are the last hope. Nyn is a fantastic realm where powerful magic and mirakulöse mechanics go hand in hand. A real racehorse in the stable has brought the Publisher Electronic Arts Phenomic Developer Studio. Quickly created an account with EA and you're ready to go. A total of 2 decks with 32 digital cards enjoy your collector's heart. But when composing your army head is asked, because the battles to beating in real time will bring you sweat properly. You can draw your strength from the four powers fire, Frost, nature, and shadow. With so much freedom, it is fiddle around and try out. When it then goes off, the images are alive and already pull giant constructs and countless creatures in the war for supremacy in Nyn.

The game

BattleForge is completely free of charge and guarantees many hours of excitement and fun. If you always still have not enough, it is possible more digital maps using a virtual currency to buy or bid. These BattleForge points cost in real money. If you already have a box of cards from the trading, can hook up a code in the game and the points. BattleForge regular extensions, co-op, PvP, campaigns, and a vibrant community make a unique experience.

Description of the version: BattleForge

The infancy of the open beta outgrown, the first freely accessible and fully functional version of BattleForge now exists. And the best thing is, everything remains as it was: namely free. The acquisition of new cards and privileges is completely voluntary and not required, to have a lot of fun with the new online hope. After a relatively slender with approximately 84 MB download and a quick registration, you can directly get started. The world and the community of Nyn grow further with the current campaign, and on and on.

The most important features and functions of BattleForge version 1.0:

• Still free sign up and play
• New extensions
• Vibrant, varied game world through new campaigns
• Fast-growing community chat and share

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