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Interesting additional functions and more action into the game the battlefield makes 2 full patch. Free download!



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Battlefield 2 Full Patch

Download of the new patch for the war game Battlefield 2 is offered you here for free. The battlefield 2 full patch updated automatically the retail versions of both games Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2 special forces. If you the battlefield 2 full patch installed, you'll immediately notice a significantly improved server stability.

The handling of the Tiger combat helicopter has also been improved and the individual weapons can be used independently of the support arms. Are now used these weapons in a simultaneous change of position by lying in the floor, a red crosshair for capturing the exact launch target will help you.

Through the battlefield 2 full patch can be more precisely targeted all targets and significantly increases the firing rate. The battlefield 2 full patch brings you above all improvements when using the map "Road of Jalalabad" and the already existing option "No. vehicle". For you, this means an extremely short response time of the sightings of the desired target up to the effective launch of the support weapons. The size of the file Battlefield 2 full patch is 536 megabytes just once and this is likely the battlefield 2 full patch on any computer place find. In the modified version of the game, you will find the famous supply bases in a modified form. These were not only visually upgraded, but serve also to reloading the weapons and the care of wounds by paramedics.

After the you the battlefield 2 full patch installed, a wider range of combat vehicles available to suit you. As a particularly successful which is 2 players the battlefield full patch already use misjudged the development of the now modern Apache helicopter. These helicopters are now by a coordinated team effort of all fighters to a truly dangerous weapon. Agreed teamwork is still at the top. Battlefield 2 full patch causes, which is possible through the struggle of higher rank, access to more dangerous weapons with a large amount of ammunition. Becomes the game through the installation of the battlefield 2 full patch not only interesting, but also offers players the additional use of many small extra functions.

Improvements in the overview:

• Improved handling of the Tiger combat helicopter
• Red crosshair for capturing the exact launch target
• Improvements in the use of the map "Road of Jalalabad"
• shorter response times
• changing supply bases
• Access to more dangerous weapons

What operating system do you need?

All the additional features of the battlefield 2 to benefit full patch, you need the Windows XP operating system required. The battlefield 2 full patch also requires a graphics card installed by at least 128 megabytes.

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