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The battlefield 2 demo gives you an insight in the third part of the tactical shooter series.



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In the battlefield 2 demo, you will notice that the makers have significantly upgraded the tactical component. Depending on what class you choose in the battlefield 2 demo, the game is completely different.

The supply soldier to example occupies an important new role: he provides the team with ammunition replenishment. Heavily armored he runs over the playing field, bringing ammunition boxes on the front. Are they picked up by competitors, he scores team. So will load an interactive element in the battlefield 2 demo and provides for more communication between the participants.

Also you take an important role, if you choose the battlefield 2 demo for the medic. As before, these injured players can heal and give them full health points. He has now even a defibrillator: so he can revive team members up to 15 seconds after they were fatally hit by a bullet or grenade, still. This ability alone makes the Medic to an important figure in the battlefield 2 demo. His accurate assault rifle and the ability to run routes make it even more popular. His defibrillator has him even a reputation registered, to have unfair advantages in the battlefield 2 demo: he can use him as a weapon!

Such innovations in the battlefield 2 demo will give you a fascinating insight into the world of one of the most popular tactical shooter. Try out the different classes of combat in the battlefield 2 demo: medic, pilot, sniper, assault soldier or commander was. Help your team to victory, not only with heroic deeds, but also with smarter tactics in the battlefield 2 demo.

The most important changes:

• Ego shooter due to: in Battlefield 2 there is real team play
• Do career: you will be rewarded for fighting services, and get in the military hierarchy
• VoIP conversations between team members can
• New Commander mode: The highest-ranking Player keeps track of and conducts the team
• The Apache helicopters can now fly in the team - dangerous!
• Never unfair opponents: Battlefield 2 has a cheat tool

The evolution of the battlefield series

The battlefield 2 demo gives you a taste of what brilliant new features await you in Battlefield 2. Have you already played the previous games of the battlefield series? Then you're probably already had the same ideas, wanted the same functionality, which you will find in the battlefield 2 demo. So can you communicate the most important information now available with a single push of a button - if you need ammunition, or will be attacked - and won't explain over the radio. Check out the new features in the battlefield 2 demo!

Description of the version: Battlefield

In Battlefield 2, it will take the player in the Middle East. Together with soldiers of various kinds, it applies to fictional conflicts in the near future. Infantry, sniper, engineer or Medic. Each equipped with different strengths and weaknesses, as well as with tasks in the team. Battlefield 2 offers a wide range of different vehicles. In particular the Apache helicopter succeeded. The player is promoted through the introduction of the new ranking system, depending on performance in the fight.

Realistic war simulation, the same their searches.

• Improved ranking system, where the player depending on the performance will be promoted.
• Very wide range of different vehicles.
• Clear appreciation of paramedics and technicians.

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