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Just free download and already the free BatteryBar shows the charge status of the accumulator you.



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BatteryBar Free

With BatteryBar free you're always optimally the charge state of your computer at a glance. Just free install and display in the Windows 7 Superbar friends immediately becomes available. So you can always see how much power your battery still has.

If you often work with your notebook, you know the problem: it's not always a power supply for your power supply is available. In such situations, it is important to know how much energy the battery of your laptop still has.

A free software available that accurately and reliably indicates the current battery charge level your friends is friends with BatteryBar free. For free download, and already can you directly use the indicator in the Windows 7 Superbar. The battery status in percent by the BatteryBar free is very precise. In addition, you can see which processes your battery very quickly discharges. So you know when it makes sense to first fully charge your notebook.

In addition to the BatteryBar free you can download on the homepage of the producer also a paid version. So you can get a warning every time, if the State of your battery has fallen below a certain percentage. However, the features of the free version for most users are absolutely sufficient, so you usually can save the cost of the full version. It is crucial for you that you have after the discharge rate for the different activities. If your battery for downloads is particularly burdened, you should go without on such activities and download dear stuff, if you can use your power supply. Also are subjected to batteries of resins and wear processes. Therefore, it makes sense to replace the battery or replace the whole unit in the 2-to 3-year interval after a certain period of time.

Description of the version: BatteryBar Free

The current free version of BatteryBar free offers you a fast and precise overview of the charge of your notebook battery. Just free download and already you can see an indication as a percentage that indicates how much power remains friends, until you need to recharge. If you want to be alerted in addition once your battery has little energy, you can get the paid full version. However, the new free version is sufficient for the needs of most users.

Free battery check with the new version of BatteryBar free 3.5.1:

• Display of the charging stand
• Indication in percent
• Free download
• Display in the Windows 7 Superbar
• Help in detecting applications with high energy consumption
• Additional paid full version available

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