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Battery Eater Pro is a useful tool for all those who're much with your notebook.



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Battery Eater Pro

The battery life of your notebook may be not long enough, and this is exactly why you should not waive the capabilities of Battery Eater Pro. With this tool you have battery power at a glance.

If you travel a lot and on your notebook than work device are always dependent on, the question is probably important to you after the remaining battery life. With the battery Eater Pro software, you can watch now more detail than ever before which programs display the your battery life in which mass influence and until the next recharge remains friends how much time. Battery Eater Pro is much more than the simple battery life indicator, which you know from your operating system. The software allows a much finer control of the factors that are relevant to the consumption of the battery.

Battery Eater Pro has two modes, which either provide maximum system performance you or but to maximize your battery life. If you are interested for the differences in the Akkubeanspruchung through your ongoing programs - such as the playback of DVDs or videos - you can show you a clear history graph. The battery consumption in a curve is shown here. Also you may have to show you the power of your hardware components. Battery Eater Pro doesn't bother you at work, the software runs in the background and consumes very few system resources.

The developers of battery Eater Pro
Battery Eater Pro is a useful tool for your notebook is completely free software, provided you by the developers of MobilePC available. Ilya Prokhotscev is with the community in close contact constantly new features to extend the program.

Description of the version: Battery Eater Pro

Battery Eater Pro is now on the quad ENGINE in the new version 2.7. This engine allows the visualization of 2D and 3D also and the calculation of power consumption, which goes with it. In this way the Battery Eater Pro can afford better services, to determine the Akkubeanspruchung of your notebook and to help you, to extend the life of the battery. In a kind of stress test can be determined now more effectively, how long your battery can withstand high loads.

The new Battery Eater Pro shows the limits of the own batteries.

• Support the quad ENGINE for determining the capacity of the battery
• Support for Windows 7
• Additional detection of many new hardware components

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