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Batch WaterMark Creator 7.0.2 is the ideal program when it comes to digital watermark.



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Batch WaterMark Creator

Do you protect your precious personal and business image files from abuse? Do you not want to spread your work randomly on the Internet and through other channels, without that you get with something like this? If you the safety of your image files located, should you necessarily even see batch WaterMark Creator 7.0.2. Batch WaterMark Creator 7.0.2 program allows you to protect your pictures and photos in a simple way. The software is able to add a digital watermark to your images. A digital watermark is the ideal way to assign the images of a unique source. Batch WaterMark Creator 7.0.2 works with highly professional mechanisms, so that your images and photos are also really tamper provided with watermark. You should just go and protect your entire collection.

You can protect quite safely even huge image archives by watermark. Batch WaterMark Creator 7.0.2 uses a State of the art algorithm, which can work out even the largest image mountains in a matter of seconds. As soon as you from your digital source - or where otherwise - new image material gain should let you immediately edit it with batch WaterMark Creator 7.0.2. So, you assure that your protection mechanisms for your intellectual property always up to date are. Protect yourself effectively against the theft by other companies and individuals.

Batch WaterMark Creator 7.0.2 works with virtually all image formats, you can only imagine. The formats can be so exotic, batch WaterMark Creator 7.0.2 can accommodate the digital watermark on each of your photos.

Other features of batch WaterMark Creator 7.0.2:

• Text and images as watermarks
• Allows transparent effect
• Adaptation to the edge of the photo
• Auto-save
• Image preview function
• Over 40 image formats supported

The developers of batch WaterMark Creator 7.0.2

Batch WaterMark Creator 7.0.2 is developed by the company easy tools and distributed. The batch WaterMark Creator 7.0.2 appeared for the first time in 2006 and has since experienced a very rapid spread. Batch WaterMark Creator 7.0.2 watermark tool can be activated with a license key and runs on all Windows OS such as 98/98SE/me/2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista and also Windows 7. You can purchase the licenses on the site and ready to go.

Description of the version: Batch WaterMark Creator

The current version of the batch WaterMark creator supports now also Windows 7 as the operating system. The batch WaterMark creator is used to protect of your images and can insert a watermark in more than 40 different graphics formats. The program helps both text and graphical watermark logos or symbols. The introduction of watermark before the release can be controlled with the preview function.

Features of the current batch WaterMark Creator 7.0.2

• Support for Windows 7 as the operating system
• Text or graphic watermark
• Support more than 40 graphic file formats
• integrated picture viewer
• free placement of the watermark in the image

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