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Once the hard drive fails, the BART's PE Builder is the first choice for data recovery.



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Bart's PE Builder

Often it can happen that the PC is flabby and can no longer boot Windows from the hard drive. Here, now get Bart's PE Builder solution and simply grabs a bootable Windows installation CD.

With CD's, which were created by the program of Bart's PE Builder, you can boot a Windows on the CD drive. This is indeed when not once more is a hard drive in the PC. In addition, the program can pack with even other software to install. And so the whole thing goes:

You need only the BART's PE Builder and a Windows XP CD with Service Pack 1. The software easily guides you through the entire process, which after double-clicking on the icon of the software starts. Just enter the first query the drive, where your Windows CD is located. Then Bart's PE Builder offers some own add-ons that allow you to Pack can if necessary on the CD. More experienced users can select even software that they would like to have in the installation. More setting-technically not required, you need to select only a folder on your hard disk in which the image is created. Now, only one burning program is needed, which is able to burn a disk image on a CD. This is accomplished, you can boot your PC with the new CD. In the event of an emergency - your plate should be no longer accessible - is it possible to save the data from your hard drive via network or USB drive.

In contrast to a normal Windows PE version, Bart PE is more adaptable to an unlimited number of Add-ons can be integrated, and has also a graphical interface that allows even beginners to restart your PC with simple means.

Description of the version: Bart's PE Builder

Have fixed some bugs when compared to previous versions of Bart's PE Builder. An error in the file NTOSKRNL.EXE is not found, has been removed. Error messages, which actually should be warnings, were transformed into this. The prior check ran incorrectly in the Windows versions of Server 2003, and Windows XP Service Pack 1, this has been fixed. BartPE can be well on systems only use 64 MB of RAM, System-hungry plug-in the excluded.

Changes in the current version of BartPE

• The failure of the NTOSKRNL.Fixed EXE
• Incorrect error messages were converted into warning
• Adjustments of prior checks
• Now supports also older 64 MB RAM systems

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