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Broken sword is a classic adventure game that pulls the player quickly under his spell.



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Baphomets Fluch

Who searches for a gripping, classic adventure game, is right here. The broken curse series games are known for their compelling story, the pretty graphics and atmospheric music.

In the game of broken curse immerses the player into the world of American George Stobbart. It must enlighten many puzzling crimes in the course of the game with his girlfriend, the reporter Nicole Collard, and dangers. In their adventures, it will take the two into the various corners of the world, such as Paris, London, Egypt, or the Caribbean. In large parts of the game is Mystic touch, because the story often goes around ancient artifacts with supernatural powers, demons and Indian cults.

Broken sword is a classic point-and-click adventure, that is easy and intuitive to control. The player controls his character through the game world and can collect items, perform actions on these objects by simply clicking or discussions with people, the George and Nico to run across the way. Also the player is made repeatedly before the task to solve challenging logic puzzles. The detailed in graphics comic-style and the music, which draws a deep into the story are particularly appreciated by fans. Also - some black - humor by broken sword makes the game unique and loosens up the mood.

Originally, the game consists of four parts, with the graphics and the sound of part become part of better and more sophisticated. The third part was developed even a 3D graphics for the game. But the gameplay remains in every part and the story is imaginative and exciting in every part. Avid fans of the game have brought out even later own, unofficial part: the fan project of broken sword 2.5.

Description of the version: Baphomets Fluch

The game of broken sword 2.5 is an unofficial successor of the second part of the broken curse series. The makers have made a great effort and a thrilling story, which is the official parts in nothing came out. Also the graphics is excellent and music as usual providing the suitable atmosphere. Even very prominent voices could be won. So the main character George in this game of his original voice is spoken and also the German voice of Jack Nicholson can be heard.

Some key features of broken sword 2.5

• Pretty and detailed 2D graphics
Story exciting • George and his girlfriend Nico
• Perplexing puzzles
• Good and comprehensive dialogues
• Classic point-and-click game principle
• Free gameplay

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