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Be creative and just create your GIF animations with the software Bannershop GIF Animator.



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Bannershop Gif Animator

If you want to bring your own GIF graphics to life, will the Bannershop gif Animtor help. You can the GIF graphics with numerous tools in the Bannershop GIF editing animator and optimize. Your creativity is needed here. As you have in the Bannershop GIF Animator the opportunity, images in all popular formats, such as JPG, PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF, WMF, etc. to import. From many individual images, then moving GIF animations are created. With the integrated image editor in the Bannershop GIF Animator can you edit each animation separately. The wizard in the Bannershop GIF Animator explains you all program functions. Also you can read about in the detailed manual. Even if you have no experience, you can create very simple professional animations.

With the Bannershop GIF Animator you can create also buttons and banners for your website. This is as simple as creating a GIF animation. Also here is of course the wizard to the page and gives you tips. Trying out the animation effects such as zoom, rotate, Aperture and the 3D effects such as glow, shadow, etc. will be guaranteed fun friends. You can add as many shapes, gradients, and texts. Friends are in the Bannershop GIF Animator from all the graphic tools known graphic programs available.

With the Optimization Wizard in the Bannershop GIF Animator can you reduce the file size of your animated gif. Optimize your animations performed the export module in the Bannershop GIF Animator. A HTML code is automatically created when you export your animations. You can simply install this HTML code on your website. The trial version of Bannershop GIF you can download free animator from the Internet. Please note, that the test version of the Bannershop GIF Animator you is only for a certain period of time available. The full version of Bannershop gif animation you can buy from the software manufacturer.

Functions of the software Bannershop GIF Animator

• Create GIF animations
• Creation of banners and buttons
• Animation Wizard
• Optimization Wizard
• Graphics tool
• Export module

Background information on the software manufacturer

The software banner shop GIF Animator has been developed by the American company Selteco. Selteco was founded in 1999. A German branch of Selteco is located in Berlin. Selteco software mainly designed the graphics and animation design.

Description of the version: Bannershop Gif Animator

The new version of Bannershop GIF Animator is one in several points revised version and brings in particular improvements in the implementation of the animations. With this version you can from your galleries easier and more professional create an animated GIF and use this for your website. The operation has been simplified even further, and with the GIF animation Wizard you create in 5 minutes your first animated GIF.

Features of the new version 5 of Bannershop GIF Animator

• Support for Windows 7
• Improved GIF animation Wizard
• GIF Optimization Wizard optimizes the GIFs created by you
• Output in HTML code possible

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