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Is an excellent tool for capturing desktop videos.



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With Bandicam, video recordings can be make of the activities on the screen.

Who creates so called screen videos for YouTube or other video platforms, has an excellent program to the hand with Bandicam.

The recorder tool is easy to use and comes with many features.

So, for example, full screen shots can be make all programs a DirectX or OpenGL graphic API use. Alternatively, it is with Bandicam to record possible only portions of the screen.

At the same time it is also possible sound or your voice recording. No problem is the choice of codec, bit rate or FPS. You can freely select in Bandicam.

The version offered here is free of charge and can take up to 10 minutes total. A watermark in the video is also available, which falls away after the purchase.

Bandisoft supports now also H264 encoder.

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