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Backup & recovery 10 home is a complete, easy-to-use backup solution.



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Backup & Recovery Home

This is made possible 10 home by the new technology driver injector with backup & recovery smart. This adds the drivers necessary for another system during a restore, so a restore of data. Thus it is possible for you a backup & recovery 10 created backup on another PC or another hard disk restore home. The creation of backups you can in either triggering or automatically expire. Backup & recovery 10 home supports this also the so-called hot backup, so the backup in the ongoing operation, for this you don't need to close programs or to shut the system down.

A new feature in backup & recovery, you can archive 10 home now available on a wide variety of storage media. No matter, whether internal or external hard drives, USB or FireWire devices, CD DVD and Blu-ray optical disk is supported everything from backup & recovery 10 home discs, network drives, and even FTP servers -. Smart about the new backup wizard is the creation of backups as easy as never before. The wizard supports you in to determine which files, folders, or drives to be backed up regularly. Also backing up individual files or directories in your own archives is no problem with backup & recovery 10 home.

For advanced users, you the backup & recovery 10 home of integrated script set generator in can what steps when and in what order to run. So many functions can be automated and a backup with backup & recovery 10 home can so run like you imagine it. Also parts from individual archives can be selected for the restore of the data so that only single files from an archive are selectable. Test backup & recovery 10 home yourself just once. You can directly from our page about the download function download it and test.

Features backup & recovery 10 Home:

• Data backup solution
• Backup on a wide variety of media
• Restore on another disk
• Improved ease of use
• Demo version
• For Windows 2000 Professional SP4, XP, Vista, Windows 7

Background information on backup & recovery 10 home

The software is a development of the German software company Paragon Software Group from Freiburg. Backup & recovery is one of the products in the portfolio of backup solutions, which the company has developed since 1995 for private and commercial users 10 home.

Description of the version: Backup & Recovery Home

The current version of the software backup & recovery home has many sensible innovations. You may have the back-up functions easier to adjust with a renewed and clearer user interface and regularly perform backups. With the new integrated P2P function you will pointed out, if drivers are out of date and should be reinstalled. Now, you also have the ability to make correct startup files and partitions.

The main new features of backup & recovery home

• New P2P function for listing outdated drivers and naming new driver
• Updated rescue CD with broader hardware support
• Improved boot corrector for the activation of start files

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