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BackToSchool 2008 offers you 20 colorful and funny timetables to fill out on your computer.



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You can free download the file from BackToSchool 2008 by clicking on the download button and save to your PC. The file in PDF format by BackToSchool 2008 contains 20 different timetables in tabular form in the free fields you can enter entries. At the top are the days of the week, in the left bar, you can enter times. In the cases arising from the cross by day and time, you can type your subject. So you can keep track of your subjects and are very well organized! On the most timetables there are more printable lines of text, where you can enter your name for example.

The timetables of BackToSchool 2008 have the wide range of topics, of which some in modified form in other versions return. Many characters who you 2008 again on the plans of BackToSchool, are known from the eponymous computer game and clay figures, known from clay animation famous, including the Grouse. More topics by BackToSchool 2008 are circus, Halloween, space, Chamber of horrors, football and animals.

A timetable to the theme of circus at BackToSchool 2008 is held, for example, in pale pink and purple hues, with a bright green border. Frolicking on the edge and pile up funny circus characters: clowns in a wide variety of costumes and an elephant in red tails with ball. The Schedule table of BackToSchool is 2008 transparent on the issue of outer space, so that you can see a spaceship behind it, which moves away from the Earth. The different figures and motifs scattered throughout the image, you can discover 2008 many details, for example, green men of Mars, astronauts, spaceships, planets, UFOs and aliens - BackToSchool. It is scary when the topic of Halloween. The timetable is, of course, in Orange tones. Cut out pumpkin heads, witches, ghosts and scarecrows are pictured. You can see lots of pictures of mummies, skeletons, skulls, flashing and tombstones in the timetable of the horrors. Certainly many timetables that you liked and you can be a nice companion in everyday school can be found at the many fun themes, colors and motifs of BackToSchool 2008.

All info about BackToSchool 2008 at a glance

• 20 different timetables in PDF format
• You can fill out the timetables on the computers themselves and print
• Is the file size 3 882 KB
• Free download
• For Windows XP and Vista by Microsoft operating systems
• The print size is adjustable via the printer

Background information about BackToSchool 2008

The timetables were created by Anni Bertrams. Anni Bertrams maintains a website on which they publish their travelogue and 2008 post your developed computer programs like BackToSchool together with Dagmar Rettig.

Description of the version: BackToSchool

With BackToSchool in the new 2008 version, you again have the opportunity to make your entries in your timetable in a creative way. BackToSchool 2008 offers all 20 new timetables in addition to the plans from the previous versions. So you can now choose from a greater variety of possible plans and find the theme matching for you. There are about timetables with football pitches, or even a world map available.

The most important innovations in BackToSchool

• 20 new timetables for filling out and printing on the PC
• Timetables with many new backgrounds
• Download in ZIP or PDF-format

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