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If you like puzzle - and puzzle games, which should take a look on Azteca quietly.



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Who is tricky ways of thinking or puzzle games, Azteca is exactly right. Much like in other games of this genre, it's also here on deduction and perspective, if you want to get to the goal. The fate of the Aztec Empire is captured at Azteca on a stone tablet. Unfortunately you can no longer read, because the letters are missing. Your task now is to make the table readable again. A password must be earned in each round. And only when you have mastered all the stages from Azteca, you will know the future of the Aztecs.

In each Azteca level there is a field with colorful clay disks, symbols on which different and to see a letter on some. This letter is free to play, thus to achieve a step tackling of the stone tablet. Each clay disc has six neighbors, three or more sheets of the same color touch, as they dissolve and release the letters. It should be noted that all clay disks that are on the screen about to slip and again to fill the resulting gaps. But how do you get the disc in the correct position? Three discs can be rotated as a "Triangle" with a mouse click. Sounds simple? It is at the beginning, but with every level of difficulty increases. Go easy on it then brings Azteca not the desired success, strategy and tactics are required. Unfortunately, the player has also not infinitely long, Azteca has a countdown which mercilessly download counts and when it expired, the game is over. Up to 150 level must be mastered in the full version so, Azteca.

Fortunately, Azteca has a lot of bonus features that facilitate the task of the player. There are discs that explode, and all neighbors with zerscherben, others dissolve whole series or star-shaped, the slices disappear. To get these bonuses, it is necessary to resolve four or more discs in one go. But even with these special discs Azteca is never too easy. Keep them for the right moment to finally master the level. It may seem sometimes hardly solvable, there is always a way.

Azteca can come up with following features:

• an appealing graphic
• over 100 level game fun
• an increasing level of difficulty
• many bonus features
• ease of use
• Game completely in German

Azteca can be a perennial favorite

Azteca can quite compare to the classics of the genre. Intenium has created a fascinating and complex game with simple gameplay elements, that must not hide from the competition.

Description of the version: Azteca

This version of the puzzle game, your combined assets is required. Basically, you have to make a corresponding password at each level of the letters. Different characters are friends for this on colored clay discs available. In addition you will receive also bonus tiles with different extra features that you can use. But you have to always pay attention to the time. The appealing graphics and pleasant music will bring you much joy this version and add variety to the game.

Functions of thinking and puzzle game Azteca

• Many different bonus features
• Extra functions on another bonus tiles
• Different levels
Graphic compelling • and music
• Required operating system for this version: Win 95/98/ME/2000/XP

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