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With the Axife mouse recorder 5.01, you can save time and speed up workflows.



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Axife Mouse Recorder 5.01

The Axife mouse recorder 5.01 is a macro storage program that will allow you to save recurring processes of mouse movements and keyboard uses. You will have to repeat too often certain workflows? Then, the new Axife mouse recorder 5.01 is the right choice for you. The Axife mouse recorder 5.01 saves all your mouse movements and keyboard inputs from all, whenever you want it. Boring and time-consuming workflows must be made not over and over again. You save lots of time and handles for your daily work. With a single mouse click you can play complex workflows, when and as often as you want.

The new Axife mouse recorder 5.01 stores all user actions in so-called scripts and they are so often and whenever you want again. As a result, you accelerate recurring work processes. With the Axife mouse recorder 5.01, you can save even the most complex working steps. It is very stressful, if you always have to do the same. This will be different for you in the future. With the new Axife mouse recorder 5.01, you break up with monotonous work. The Axife mouse recorder 5.01 is easy to use, just as easy as any other recording device. Therefore, you must be a professional, to be able to operate the recorder.

With a click on "Record" you record all input from the mouse and keyboard, and another click stops storing. Then you can repeat as often as the trace, without further intervention. But the Axife mouse recorder 5.01 can do a lot more. So you can let show you for example the coordinates of your mouse. Also, all recorded operations in a table can be clearly displayed. So, you keep getting the overview about your macros and not accidentally repeat a storage. The Axife mouse recorder 5.01 can be used in any application and the macros available after every restart of your computer again.

The Axife mouse recorder 5.01 in the near future:

• Acceleration of recurrent work processes
• Playback of stored macros
• Storage of keystrokes and clicks of the mouse
• Display the coordinates of the mouse
• tabular record of all stored procedures
• ease of use

System requirements for the Axife mouse recorder 5.01:

You need for the Axife mouse recorder 5.01 the operating system Microsoft Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000 or XP. Otherwise, the program has no special requirements for your computer.

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