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AVS Video Editor

You can fully edit your videos with AVS Video Editor. You are many, editing options and video transmission effects in AVS Video Editor available. First, you must import your video, of course, audio clips or individual images in the AVS Video Editor and create a timeline. Then, you may at any time draw your videos by drag and drop on your storyboard. Your imported files are automatically divided into tracks. Basically, AVS Video Editor supports all multimedia formats, even HD videos here no problem. You can burn even your finished video as DVD with menu. Thanks to the user-friendly interface and the ease of use AVS Video Editor will be really fun friends. In addition the AVS Video Editor offers several help tools.

With the many features in the AVS Video Editor, you can make your video more impressive. The effects you can choose between transform effects, special effects, and the effects of normal. For example, you can do your video with watercolor effect look like a watercolor painting or try the old-film effect. With this effect, your video looks like an old black and white film. With the function of color enhancement in AVS Video Editor, you will correct the colors in your video. If your video is too exposed or too dark, the Farbverbesserungs function can also help you to optimize your video. If your video includes blurry shots, you can solve this problem with the sharpen effect quickly and easily.

Certainly, you want to also create a trailer for your video. To do this, go to AVS Video Editor on the timeline and click on your video. If you then click the text button on the left side, numerous text effects available are friends. Replace the default text in the AVS Video Editor with your personal text. Thus, you can create your personal trailer. Of course you can deposit with the AVS Video Editor music in your video.

Functions of AVS Video Editor

• Editing of video files
• Add a soundtrack
• Applying different effects
• Slide show creation
• Management of different formats
• Editing the HD/Blu-ray videos

Details of

AVS4YOU is the hallmark of the English media technologies Ltd. The Media Technologies Ltd. was founded in 2004 in London and developed different programs for video and multimedia processing.

Description of the version: AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor version offers you everything you need to more easily edit movies on your computer. In the current version you can edit also BluRay videos. Adding BlueRay menus is no longer a problem in the latest version. As of now, an improved user interface available is you. Added many new video effects for post processing.

The new features of AVS Video Editor version

• BlueRay videos editing is possible.
• Creating and adding Bluerayvideos is possible.
• Data burning from a BlueRay to BlueRay or DVD is possible.

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