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Avidemux is a versatile and easy to use video editing program.



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Avidemux is a video converter and editing program, the video files can be edit directly on the PC. No matter whether you want to cut along rolling videos or advertising films recorded from television bothers you; with avidemux that is no problem at all. While other video editing programs often complicated and only to use by professionals, avidemux excels in its simplicity. A clear user interface and an integrated editor that holds all the steps and saves on request for later projects, professional cuts allows also laypeople. These are carried on the basis of marks. Video files can be edited easily and individually. For complex edits is a wizard available that gives you tips for the proper procedure.

Avidemux includes various cutting tools and comes with a few nice extras. This includes among other things a subtitle generator, with whose help you can provide your videos with matching subtitles. Also calculates avidemux any delay between sound and image and corrects them automatically. The following video formats are supported by avidemux: AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, NuppelVideo, H263 +, MOV, 3GP and Ogg Vorbis. The program can easily work with popular audio formats such as MP2, MP3, MP4, AC3 and WMA. Video and audio codecs that are needed to convert are already included with avidemux. The program is available and compatible with all major operating systems in English or German language. On request to additional features (such as, for example, an Assistant for the use on the iPod or the Sony PSP) be downloaded subsequently.

Right here free down load you avidemux. After clicking on the download button, only a few minutes separate you from individual and professional video editing according to your ideas.

Avidemux at a glance:

• Downloading friends avidemux free down and edit your videos like a pro.
Avidemux supports almost all popular audio and video formats.
• Provide professional cuts a clean user interface and many tools.
Avidemux is compatible with almost all operating systems.
Avidemux is the number one among the freeware downloads in its category.
• Individual adjustment of the program is possible through several features.

Avidemux: Professional video editing for everyone

Avidemux had originally been developed for Linux. The popularity of the program grew rapidly thanks to the compatibility with other systems and it became soon the number one under the freeware downloads in its category. And right: avidemux convinces with a versatility and ease of use with hardly a comparable program can compete.

Description of the version: Avidemux

Videos edit, cut and convert: all of this is now even easier with the latest version of avidemux. Now, all key video formats are supported. Even more great tools allow you to cut your videos even more professional and to edit. Brand new: The improved sound track editor sound can be further edit and saved even as MP3 file. For even more fun in video editing.

The latest version of avidemux at a glance

• supports all popular video formats
• still more great tools for video editing
• Audio files allow to convert to MP3
• Data can be stored and used for new projects

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