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The video tool avi.NET is a useful helper when converting movies to AVI format.



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With avi.NET useful video tool, you can convert your videos from MPEG-1/2 format to the popular AVI format - so you can watch then easily on your AVI capable DVD player.

Video files are often in the MPEG-1/2 or VOB format - often the files are relatively large and fit for example not always readily on a blank CD. With the conversion program avi.NET you cycle now these files in the space-saving AVI format - here you can also set what size should have the outputted file. So you can cut to fit the size on a CD or USB stick.

The avi.NET-Software contains additional tools that can be useful for converting your videos: the well-known XviD codec is also including AviSynth, AC3 Filter and VobSub, which allows you ripping subtitles from VOB files.

The free avi.NET isn't 10 megabytes in size and runs on Windows 7, Vista and XP. The graphical user interface of the program is almost self explanatory: you make all necessary settings on the left side and select the file to convert. Here, you specify the desired size for your AVI movie, the used codec and encoding speed. Subtitles are available, you can choose whether it should or not be always hidden. With the erase function, temporary files, which occur during the conversion process, can be removed automatically - so your hard drive remains free from unnecessary ballast. On the right side of the interface, you see a handy preview window for the output file. After the conversion, you can watch the converted film also about a DivX capable DVD player to the TV.

Description of the version: avi.NET

Avi.NET in version 3.4 is - this can come up in comparison to its predecessors, with some improvements. The developers have bought you a customized interface control, the "cut screen" error in the interface has been fixed. In addition a function is now included, which prevents the system from jump during the conversion to sleep – reliably avoid conflicts with the conversion process in this way. The free Microsoft.NET system framework is required for the use of avi.NET.

These new features brings you avi.NET in version 3.4

Individual interface controls have been added •
• Function to prevent the system hibernation
• Screen-cut error in the interface has been fixed
• Improved performance when converting
• More bug fixes and revisions

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