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AVG Anti-virus free 2014 an anti-virus connects an antispyware program.



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AVG Anti-Virus

AVG Anti-virus free 2014 is a free virus scanner

You're often on the Internet on the go there to search for information, to buy, to carry out your banking business or to download files? The software AVG Anti-virus free 2014 allows a safe surfing on all these occasions, by for example preventing you to land on a contaminated site. The link scanner AVG Anti-virus free 2014 analyzes individual pages and blocking access, regardless of before this page in the browser is displayed, if you clicked on a link in an email, a browser, an instant message or in the search results. It is important to know that in these cases the AVG Anti-virus free blocked 2014 only the contaminated site and not all Web sites. The software AVG Anti-virus free 2014 contains also a so-called base-rootkit protection, the infections when downloading files or email attachments prevented.

The anti-virus software AVG Anti-virus free 2014 removes viruses, if they exist on your computer, and works quietly in the background during the surf without compromising the performance of your computer. While it's also possible to floppy disks or CDs to scan the entire computer or individual folders, archives, files, DVDs, viruses. Also, the AVG created anti-virus free friends 2014 a rescue disk on which your key system files are stored. With them, you can start your computer infected by viruses in an emergency. Organizations or companies may use 2014 the AVG Anti-virus free. The AVG Anti-virus free 2014 may be installed only on a private single room. She works quickly and reliably.

You can download the AVG Anti-virus free 2014 on your computer for your needs.

Other functions anti virus free AVG 2014:

• free download for private use
• German language available
• created rescue disk with the most important system data
• works unobtrusively in the background
• Basic protection against viruses and spyware
• automatic update

Technical notes on the AVG Anti-virus free 2014

The anti-virus software is easy to install and to use. It runs on the operating systems Windows 7, Vista, Windows 2000 and XP. An automatic update keeps the AVG Anti-virus free 2014 always up to date. The processor should include 300 megahertz, memory requires a volume of 64 megabytes of disk space 70 megabytes.

Description of the version: AVG Anti-Virus

Like previous versions, also remains a free and useful antivirus, free Edition version 9.0 AVG Anti virus. With this program, comprehensive protection against malicious software and spyware offered you also against threats when surfing and in social networks. Real-time protection and priority changes now allow a load strategy adapted to the situation. Also a large volume of information is available recently using the AVG community protection network friends, to use that can simplify the daily use.

Benefits of AVG Anti-virus free Edition 9.0

• Protection against viruses, Trojans and spyware
• Safe surf, to move around safely in social networks
• Resource conservation by changing the priority
• Information needs through community

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