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With the Startup Manager 2006, you can consciously manage the Windows startup and accelerate.



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Autostart-Manager 2006

With the Startup Manager 2006, you keep control over the startup of your system and can delete unnecessary and obsolete applications from the startup, so a faster start of Windows is possible.

Many computers turn on slow, until the system is fully charged and you can use all programs. This is often because that too many, often unnecessary applications are opened automatically when starting Windows. Mostly, it is however difficult to identify all programs open in the startup. The Startup Manager 2006 is the right solution for such problems. The program checks in at lightning speed, which applications are all in the Autostart and lists open with name, content, activity status and startup type they friends. This means that you can see, for example, whether the application is used only by you or by other users.

Then, the startup can be conveniently and easily manage with the Startup Manager 2006. You can disable unnecessary applications or allow only for certain users. You later realize that you need the program yet, you can simply reset the setting. Also, you can remove not only applications from the startup, but add any new. So, you gain full control about what happens after you start your computer. Also, the program provides not only for a faster, but also for a safer start of the system because it can prevent any, contained in the various programs, viruses targeted activation of Autoruns. The free software startup Manager 2006 is available for download and can be installed easily. Not much space on the computer is consumed 2.6 MB in size. Compatible the program with Windows 98 is WinMe Windows XP, 2000, and.

Description of the version: Autostart-Manager 2006

In the latest version of the startup of Manager 2000 has been developed the management and optimizes the functionality. You can add easily new programs in the startup, for example, about the "New" command and open to enable the necessary settings. If you want to have it even easier, you can pull even the desired application directly with the mouse in the Startup Manager 2000 into. No longer used functions can be safely deleted. With the command 'Refresh', you are always up to date about the startup.

New features of the autostart Manager 2006 version 6.0

• Optimized operation
• Simple management of programmes
• Unique commands to the rapid implementation of changes
• Drag- and -drop: The applications can be pulled directly into the window

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