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Automaticity is the ideal tool to automate recurring tasks.



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Automaticity makes your life a little easier, not more and not less. Automaticity decreases the repetitive tasks you, that you have to run every day, otherwise manually? This saves the program both mouse and keyboard input and can perform automatic tasks for protected areas of your computer by recording the password input.

The start and stop the recording can be started while using keyboard commands, as well as from the surface of the program itself. Automaticity is absolutely intuitive and even PC beginners with no problems. The only input that must be made is a file name under which the Execute task of automaticity should be saved. Finally, you start the recording, and automaticity absorbs all movements and inputs. So you can go for example with the mouse on the start menu and search the execute program us it start. Thus, for example the start of the email program of every morning can be automated. The logging of passwords is possible, but you should exclude any this sensitive area from the recording, because otherwise unauthorized access to sensitive information is possible. But you have to decide which of course itself, automaticity may in any case.

If you have saved your regularly to perform tasks, you can call them about automaticity and run. Just looking for the desired task in the list of stored records and can run them. You can always do and must not happen when you start Windows. So if you have tasks, that you only want to carry out in the course of the day, then you need to call only automaticity and run the task. Best you try it just once. You can start the download of automaticity right here from our site and then immediately take your first task.

Features of automaticity:

• Windows task recorder
• Captures keyboard and mouse input
• Record any number of tasks
• Low-cost premium download
• Free use
• For Win98/98SE/2000/ME/XP

Background to automaticity

Life easier, is the idea of automaticity and the developers behind. By recording continuously repetitive tasks these can be automated simply played back then by the program and run.

Description of the version: Automaticity

Automaticity will help you to record tasks and processes in Windows and automatically play as a macro program. The program is easy to use and the interface is very clear. Also, it is not very prone to errors and is very stable. You can change also the schedule settings, so it is possible, for example, to determine the speed of the process or to generate test sequences.

The main features of automaticity:

• Stores program sequences, which can be played back automatically
• Very clear user interface
• Many setting options via speed and priority of the process
• The program is also designed to generate animated tutorials

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