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With AudioSurf, you can turn your favorite music in a roller coaster of colors.



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AudioSurf is a music video game in the United States. You can control your spaceship on a multi-lane free-coaster in it.

Here, you have to drive over colored blocks in the correct order. At the beginning, you choose a piece of music. AudioSurf generates line, blocks, and speed the car then and also runs the music in the background during the race. It is here where the music came from, whether from an audio CD or music file, as for example from your MP3 player.

You control a levitating spaceship-like vehicle in AudioSurf. You can drive this spaceship with the mouse as well as with the keyboard or a gamepad. AudioSurf supports all control hardware. AudioSurf puts together a colorful multi-lane roadway you, which you then have to deal with. You need collect only the blocks of color that you meet on the road. But make sure that you pick up the blocks in the correct order. If you don't do this, your spaceship populates pointless and explodes. The Federation of blocks is also important. There are a different number of points for each color.

In AudioSurf, there are three levels of difficulty, the newcomers, the advanced and the professionals. In each of the different difficulty levels, there are different game modes. For example it doesn't matter in the mode Mono in AudioSurf what color the blocks are. You can but also for two playing AudioSurf, and thus invite your friends to have fun. In AudioSurf, the routes are created according to the music. The colored blocks appear in the beat of the background music. If your song faster plays something, then you're going down a mountain. The faster the music, all the more precipitously goes down. In slow passages, you drive up a mountain.

AudioSurf in Overview:

• Go on a multi-lane free-coaster in the music.
• Use the mouse, the keyboard or a gamepad to control your vehicle, leaving you all alone.
• Determines the music selected by you, distance, speed, and color blocks.
• Collect the color blocks in the correct order from.
• There are three levels of difficulty, beginner, advanced and professional.
You can choose • each different difficulty game modes.

System requirements for AudioSurf

For AudioSurf, you need the operating system Microsoft Windows XP or Vista and an at least 1.6 GHz, such as for example the Intel Pentium 4 processor. You will also need a 512 MB memory, a graphics card with 32 MB and a 128 MB video card. Finally, it is important that your computer with DirectX version 9.0 is equipped and a sound card that is compatible with DirectX.

Description of the version: Audiosurf

Experience an individual gaming experience with the Audiosurf. The software adjusts itself to your music and brings your favorite music in line with the game. Audiosurf is based on the Organgebox soundtrack. Each of your music CDs or MP3 files can be read by Audiosurf. Audiosurf created levels that fit to your music on the basis of recorded music. For each of your songs, you can create an Onlinescoreboard.

All this provides the music game Audiosurf:

• Play levels that created the software based on your music
• A variety of audio formats is supported such as audio-CD, wave, MP 3, OGG
• Create Onlinescoerboards for each of your songs on the Internet

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