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Is a very well functioning CD-Ripper for Windows.



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The freeware Audiograbber to rip your CDs and makes them accessible on your computer.

A real tip from the MP3 scene, a star among the Rippern. Since the program was once subject to a charge and is now free for everyone available. Easily the extracted ingenious Ripper tons of songs in the formats: MP3, OGG, or WAV. This makes the program especially in the speed. Audiograbber is downright impressive, as soon as it is in action. Flash, the audio files from the CD on the computer are stored and can be played from now on.

The program interface of AudioGrabber is very tidy and so makes a good impression. Now you find yourself along and get even more detailed German instructions for installation. An ID3v2 tag editor, a connection to the song database on the Internet and several other great features that perfecting the shots are in the this scope.

Indeed even partial sections can be with the tool select and apply.

Description of the version: Audiograbber

The version is already very extensive. Nevertheless, it is advisable to install even the LAME plug-in to create MP3 files.

Audiograbber audiograbber

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