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The free software audicon 1.0 offers you the so-called on-the-fly conversion of music pieces. This indicates that the converter supports multiple file types, and you can convert your music in any of these formats. Thus, you have the right format for each playback device or for any music software. Audicon 1.0 detects the formats MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA, AAC/MP4, AIFF, FLAC, MP1/MP2 and finally APE while reading. Thus, you have the right program to convert for any common file format in your preferred type. When converting audicon 1.0 supports the file formats MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA AAC/MP4 and MP2, so not as many as when reading, but still a pretty large selection. For each file type you can make extensive settings, such as the bit rate and the quality of the piece. With a high bit rate increases the possibility of achieving a high music quality, however the starting material should be just as good. With a higher bit rate rises but also the amount of storage space of the output file.

Audicon 1.0 has a queue feature. Thus, you can adjust several tracks at the same time to convert and click again not every piece of music. The clarity of the program is also mentioned by the manufacturer as a special feature. Thus is an easy to use and you can quickly convert your music tracks in the desired format. In addition, audicon 1.0 via the ability to read, so the information that is stored with the tags of the files. In the output file, this information appear also, such as, for example, the interpreter, if supported by the appropriate format. You can operate the audicon 1.0 also via a USB stick. Thus the software is very flexible and can be used anywhere, regardless of a PC installation.

You can download here the software audicon 1.0 for free with us. You can by clicking on the download button to start downloading.

The main features of audicon 1.0:

• Read all popular music formats.
• Convert your music tracks in the most popular formats.
• Convert multiple songs in a row by using the queue function.
• Operate the program easily with the clear surface.
• Adjust the bit rate and quality of the pieces.
• Start the converter via a USB flash drive from any PC.

The history of audicon 1.0:

The free software audicon is in the current version at the beginning of its development. The developers of basement Softworks audicon 1.0 program and keep the software up to date. Thus, audicon offers a reliable source of current music formats.

Description of the version: AudioCon

The current version of AudioCon can help much you convert the formats of many different music files. The software is very powerful and was upgraded in the user interface significantly, so that the application is properly clearly designed for you. Extensive setting options that can be converted from a waiting list gathered from friends are friends to each format.

The main features of the current version of AudioCon:

• optimized user interface for higher Nutzerkompfort
• Conversion of multiple files from a waiting list
• Advanced settings for each individual format
• self-explanatory icons for more transparency in the editing mode

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