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AudioCoder is a small, but highly effective freeware audio converter that supports almost all audio formats and can convert them into just required formats. Technically it is based on the MediaCoder.

You certainly know that: your current favorite songs you have while digital is, however in the wrong format. So, how you did it, your MP3 player or your Smartphone with the music not cope easily. In such cases, AudioCoder should be the ideal tool for you. The small, but highly efficient freeware is a practical audio converter, you can - use to convert your music in virtually all popular audio formats at your fingertips. As raw material, you can use a wide variety of digital formats, not just pure audio files are supported. Discretion, you can convert also audio CDs or DVDs to your preferred audio format or convert even the audio track from video files or Internet to the audio file.

AudioCoder works most effectively if you have a multi-core processor. The small software can be used namely skillfully use and at the same time perform up to 8 conversion operations. You can deal with large amounts of files to be converted within a very short time, and the AudioCoder creates as a very decisive advantage over its competitors. The manufacturer indicates even having converted 16 titles in only 16 seconds with the appropriate equipment.

AudioCoder can as a practical tool can be downloaded for free and used hardly valuable resources with its economical 12 MByte large installation file. You can set AudioCoder on all computers equipped with Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7. The program language is English.

Description of the version: AudioCoder

With AudioCoder in version 0.8.1, you will receive a free audio converter that you can use to convert all popular audio formats in your required format. With the freeware can also convert audio CDs and DVDs, or record the sound tracks from video files or Internet. Through the support of multi-core processors up to 8 conversion operations can run at the same time which makes the program a very fast conversion software. Use AudioCoder under all popular versions of Windows from Windows XP can't.

The main features of AudioCoder:

• High-performance and high-quality audio converter
• Supports all popular audio formats at input and output
• Very fast through the support of multi-core processors
• Runs on all major Windows versions

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