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Audio jack 3 is the MP3 all-rounder. By MP3 recording up to the final title on the MP3 player and much more.



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Audio Jack

Audio jack 3 perfectly legal help to expand your music library. The program is able to play more than 6,000 radio stations from around the world, and to cut out individual songs from them and save. You can filter certain radio transmitters, which automatically record you like or the program: AudioJack 3 can also search for specific artists or titles and then individually recorded. So you can collect your favorite music more relaxed, the program does it all for you.

In addition, audio jack 3 is equipped with an AudioEditor. With this title can be cut to size and - worse quality - subsequently improved. Another innovation in audio jack 3 is the Bluetooth capability of the program. Wireless, the music can be transferred to external devices such as hard drives and mobile phones. Then the recorded music can be taken immediately. Synchronization with other devices, AudioJack 3 offers this specifically for users of Apple products, from iPods, advantages: with AudioJack 3 cut-out music can be integrated directly into the iTunes library and existing playlists. So the desired music is as quickly as possible and very easy on your iPod.

The integrated AudioJack3 converter also helps problems such as MP3 players, which are not compatible with all formats. AudioJack 3 you can convert music from MP3 to WAV, WMA, OGG - or MP2 format and vice versa. In addition, AudioJack can 3 also burning and ripping. You can so just burn your collected songs on CD and save as your music collection. The same of course applies to your albums and tracks that you have digitized on CD or DVD and merge so all your music on your computer.

• Radio recorder for recording tracks from over 6,000 transmitters
• Audio editor to cut title
• Integrated burning and Ripfunktion
• Fast and simple copying of the music to external devices via Bluetooth
• Direct sync with your iTunes library and iPod
• Integrated converters for all major audio formats

The most important functions at a glance:

The development of audio jack 3:

Audio jack 3 is, as the name suggests, the 3rd generation in the series. Manufacturer s.a.d. brings with him a much mature and especially expanded version as compared to its predecessors. The current audio jack 3 combines all functions for the MP3 editing and use practices under one roof, for the otherwise multiple programs separately had to be used now as a Jack of all trades. Here is also the crucial point, AudioJack 3 free MP3 software is different.

Description of the version: Audio Jack

The current version of AudioJack can await you with useful new features, which help you to support your musical interests. According to your favorite artists, or your favorite genres, looking for and the software automatically saves songs that match your style. In addition, the songs are automatically converted to MP3 format. Then, you have the opportunity to cut these songs and burn to a CD then with now optimized editing tools.

The most important innovations of the current version of AudioJack

• Automatic interpretation of the genre through the software
• The recording function from many channels from the Internet is new.
• Possibility of processing and archiving of songs

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